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Wednesday 4th February 2004

This Week In Doctor Who - February 4, 2004
(posted 4th Feb 2004, 12:43pm - TWIDW post #0206)
THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - February 4, 2004
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Vol 7, No 5
UK Gold has replaced the broadcast of Robot originally scheduled for 15 February with part of the Eastenders Wedding Weekend, presumably a marathon of Eastenders episodes where characters walked down the marriage aisle. Since UK Gold's online listings do not extend beyond that date, I am currently assuming that Robot will air on 21 February instead. Robot will be the start of the next run through the Doctor Who series, as UK Gold was planning to skip the Jon Pertwee stories this time.
The South African Sci-Fi Channel is airing SF: UK - Trips Through Time And Space late Monday 16 February at 12:45AM. Matthew De Abaitua takes a look at 60s Doctor Who, the age of psychedelic sci-fi. Don't know how the description wound up
saying South American for the past few weeks - oops.
Corrections and updates are always welcome at thisweekindoctorwho- , bfelliott@... , TWIDW on AOL IM ,
and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. Here are the listings:


The Scream Of The Shalka - starring Richard E Grant as The Doctor. A Shalka invasion fleet sets up shop in a small English village. Unfortunately for them, the Doctor is back. With Sir Derek Jacobi as The Master. 6 animated episodes.
Real Time - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episode illustrated audio tale. The 6th Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a temple that has been yanking scientists out of time. The secrets of the temple threaten the future and past of two species. Viewer discretion advised for the illustrations of episodes 4 through 6.
American Who
Next episode premieres at 5AM EST on February 16. Episodes currently
Corrected link. Shaun Lyon of Outpost Gallifrey is the featured guest in the latest
edition of American Who. The upcoming Gallifrey One convention is
the topic. Included: what brought Paul McGann to Los Angeles for the
Corrected link. The first American Who episode in the current every
two week format. Interviews with the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison) and
Jason Haigh-Ellery of Big Finish Productions (the ongoing original
Who audio releases).
Conclusion of a 1987 radio interview with John-Nathan Turner, Nicola
Bryant, and Brian Sloman, conducted at the end of the Doctor Who
Celebration tour. Also, Charles Martin reviews the year in Doctor
Who. Still online for now.
Sci-Fi Overdrive
on Business Talk Network
Late Sun/Early Mon 2-6AM EST (11PM-3AM PST, 7-11AM GMT, 6-10PM AEDT)
Live Stream
Hour 1 - sci-fi news and comment. Hour 2 - MegaCon convention
organizer Beth Videra; Sci-Fi Sea Cruise organizer Dan Harris
discusses his cruise video debuting at the Gallifrey One convention
next weekend. Hour 3 - Vic Mizzy, music composer. Best known for
Green Acres and The Addams Family. Hour 4 - the man behind the
infamous Mr. Skin movie review website, and the continuing saga of
the Mars Rover.


UK Gold
Sat 7:35-9AM GMT Ghost Light movie
The 7th Doctor takes Ace to a haunted house in Perivale in 1883 to explore a dark secret of her past.
Sun 9:05-11AM GMT The Curse of Fenric movie
The 7th Doctor takes Ace to a cursed village by the North Sea in 1943 to explore a dark secret of her future.

UK Gold + 1
Sat 8:35-10AM GMT Ghost Light movie
Sun 10:05AM-Noon GMT The Curse of Fenric movie
Thu 6:02PM The Tomb of the Cybermen ep 2 of 4
Mon 6:02PM The Tomb of the Cybermen ep 3 of 4
Tue 6:02PM The Tomb of the Cybermen ep 4 of 4

The scientist find their way into the Cybermen tombs, raising the 2nd Doctor's fears that the Cybermen will awaken and re-emerge to threaten the galaxy.
Wed 6:02PM The Dominators ep 1 of 5
The TARDIS sets down on an abandoned island of the planet Dulkis. But the Doctor is not the only alien to make a recent visit - two Dominators are out of fuel and think that Dulkis would be a perfect world to exploit.
BBC Kids
7 Days A Week 1 + 3:30AM EST (10PM + 12:30AM PST) - 2 episodes weekdays, full stories weekends)
Wed The Talons of Weng-Chiang pts 3+4 of 6
Thu The Talons of Weng-Chiang pts 5+6 of 6

Weng-Chiang's magic begins to run thin as his master's need for human flesh increases and the 4th Doctor begins to close in on him. It all ties in to an unsolved mystery from the 51st Century.
Fri Horror of Fang Rock pts 1+2 of 4
A fog settles in on a British lighthouse, causing the TARDIS and a boat with rich people to get stranded there. As the evening gets colder, people start to die.
Sat The Sontaran Experiment all 2 pts
A trip to Earth satisfies the 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Harry that the world is suitable for the return of humanity. But a Sontaran is already there, making plans for invasion.
Sun Genesis of the Daleks all 6 pts (no 3:30AM rerun)
The 4th Doctor is taking out of time by a Time Lord who believes that the Daleks will inevitably conquer the universe. The Doctor finds himself on a most undesirable mission - rewrite history. Plan A - make the Daleks less hostile. Plan B - find a weakness that the universe can exploit. Plan C - erase the Daleks from history, regardless of consequences to the timeline. Introducing a new villain - Davros.
Mon Horror of Fang Rock pts 3+4 of 4
A Rutan is impersonating one of the people in the lighthouse, making it much easier to kill and plot. Time is running out to save the humans in the lighthouse, and even the world.
Tue The Invisible Enemy pts 1+2 of 4
The 4th Doctor's mind is taken over by an intelligent virus that is planning a secret conquest of the galaxy. Leela must outwit the Doctor.
Coming Monday 16 February - the Peter Davison stories.
NHPTV New Hampshire
analog 11, 49, 52
digital 11-2 (57-2), 49-2 (48-2), 52-2 (49-2)
Boston DirecTV 11,955
Boston Dish 11,8781
Sat 11:30PM EST Planet of Evil pt 3 of 4
The space ship takes off. As long as it is free of anti-matter, it will be allowed to leave peacefully. But did they get all the anti- matter off after all?
WCNY/W59AU Syracuse/Utica, NY
analog 24, 59
digital 24-1 (25-1)
Sun 5:30PM EST The Android Invasion pt 4 of 4
The 4th Doctor and Sarah must get to Earth before the Kraals and their android duplicates, which now include a replica of the Doctor. Final appearances of Harry Sullivan and RSM Benton in the series.
WYBE Philadelphia, PA
analog 35
digital 35-1 (34-1)
Philadelphia DirecTV 35,909
Philadelphia Dish 35,8162
Sat 11PM EST Frontios pts 1+2 of 4 (actually The Awakening pts 1+2)
At the end of the universe, beyond the limits of Time Lord influence, the survivors of humanity try to build a new civilization. In their hour of greatest need, the 5th Doctor must not interfere, or the consequences will be grave.
MPT Maryland
analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 28, 54
DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
Baltimore Dish 22,8736
Sat 11:59PM EST The Ark movie (The Steel Sky, The Plague, The Return, The Bomb)
At the other end of the universe, other survivors of humanity are flying off in an Ark towards a new home for Earth. Unfortunately for them, the 1st Doctor, Steven, and new companion Dodo arrive. And Dodo has a cold. This is the story of the cold that launched a thousand body bags.
ยป it was later reported that the last 20 minutes were switched with the end of The Gunfighters instead.
WCET Cincinnati, OH
analog 48
digital 48-2 (34-2)
Cincinnati DirecTV 48,909
Cincinnati Dish 48,8356
Sat 11PM EST Battlefield pts 3+4 of 4
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (retired) has gotten involved in the battle between inter-dimensional knights, Morgaine, and U*N*I*T. Can he help the 7th Doctor save the world one more time? Or is a legend about to come to an end?
WILL Urbana, IL
analog 12
digital 9 - tentative launch set for April 2004
Champaign Dish 12,7407
Sat 11:42PM CST The Keeper of Traken pt 2 of 4
Adric, Nyssa, Tremas, and the 4th Doctor wind up suspects as evil spreads through Traken. The Melkur attempts a power play.
analog 11, 12, 21, 24, 27, 32, 32, 36, 36
digital 11 (50), 45, 25, 18, 28, 33, 35, 35, 34 - not on air
Des Moines DirecTV 11,474
Des Moines Dish 11,9116
Cedar Rapids Dish 12,9161
Omaha Dish 32,9146
Sat 11:35PM CST The Ribos Operation pts 1+2 of 4
The 4th Doctor is sent on a quest to recover the segments of the Key To Time. With Romana and K9, he arrives on Ribos, where two con men are hard at work creating trouble.
KBDI/K32EO Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
analog 12, 32 digital 12-1 (38-1)
Denver DirecTV 12,910
Denver Dish 12,8211
Late Fri 12:30AM MST Terror of the Autons ep 4 of 4
The Master prepares to welcome the Nestene invasion force. The 3rd Doctor and Jo Grant are facing a very cramped view of the conquest.
Late Fri 1AM MST The Mind of Evil ep 1 of 6
Sat 11PM MST The Mind of Evil eps 2+3 of 6
At Stangmoor Prison, a new invention sucks out all evil emotions from condemned criminals, making calm, placid people capable of rejoining society. Or so goes the theory. The Doctor and Jo investigate, only to get caught up in prison drama. Back at U*N*I*T, the Brigadier faces the twin dilemma of keeping peace at an intercontinental peace conference while safely disposing of a nuclear warhead.
KUED/KUES-DT Salt Lake City/Richfield, UT
analog 7 digital 7-1 (42-1), 19-1 (19-1)
Salt Lake City DirecTV 7,982
Salt Lake City Dish 7,8536
Sat 11:30PM MST Time-Flight pt 1 of 4
In shock, the TARDIS crew returns to 20th Century Earth. While Tegan ponders the chance to resume her life and career, the 5th Doctor faces a puzzle - a Concorde has disappeared out of time.
KBTC/KCKA/K65BU Tacoma/Centralia/Gray's River, WA
analog 28,15,65 digital 28-1 (27-1), 15-1 (19-1)
Seattle DirecTV 28,910
Seattle Dish 28,8620
Sat 7PM + 12:30AM PST The Ark: The Return ep 3 of 4
Sat 7:30PM + 1AM PST The Ark: The Bomb ep 4 of 4
See MPT for details.
KTEH/KCAH San Jose/Watsonville, CA
analog 54,25 digital 50,58 - not on air
San Francisco DirecTV 54,903
San Francisco Dish 54,8234 Monterey Dish 25,9190
Pat Troughton interview in March.
Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.
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