This Week in Doctor WhoThis Week in Doctor Who

This Week in Doctor Who

Week 43: 24-30 Oct 1987 - USA

Data last updated 12 January 2017

Saturday 24 October

Sunday 25 October

Show broadcasts for WTTW 11 Chicago
11:00pm CST
The Face of Evil: Movie Format

Intro: Tonight, The Doctor confronts a supreme instrument of destruction and finds something vaguely familiar about it, or would that be understating the case? Judge for yourself. Prepare to gaze upon "The Face of Evil."

Outro: Next week, The Doctor travels to a distant planet to do battle with a mad scientist who plans to rule through the strength of the mechanical minions he has created. They are "The Robots of Death." [source: ChicagoEpguides]

Monday 26 October

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