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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 17: 1-7 May 2021 - USA

Data last updated 18 April 2021

Saturday 1 May

Show broadcasts for WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2
11:00pm CDT
Tom Baker Movies:The Sunmakers

The TARDIS arrives in the future on the planet Pluto where there are now six suns, a breathable atmosphere and a large industrial community. The Company controls the planet and exploits the workers, pays them a pittance and then taxes them on everything imaginable. The Doctor and Leela join forces with an underground band of rebels led by a man named Mandrel.

Show broadcasts for Iowa Public TV
11:00pm CDT
Tom Baker Movies: The Face of Evil

The TARDIS arrives on a planet where a savage tribe called the Sevateem worship a god called Xoanon. The Doctor discovers that Xoanon is in fact a spaceship computer that he tried to repair at some point in his past and inadvertently drove mad by giving it a multiple personality.

Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:00pm PDT
The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part Thirteen
(Repeated: Sun 4:00am PDT)

Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:30pm PDT
The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Ultimate Foe): Part Fourteen
(Repeated: Sun 4:30am PDT)