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Week 45: 7-13 Nov 2020 - USA

Data last updated 28 November 2020

Saturday 7 November

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
6:00pm EST
Frontios: Part One

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
6:30pm EST
Frontios: Part Two

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
7:00pm EST
Frontios: Part Three

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
7:30pm EST
Frontios: Part Four

Show broadcasts for WSRE
10:00pm CST
Tom Baker Movies: Meglos

The Doctor is invited to visit the planet Tigella by its leader, Zastor, who has become concerned about disputes between his people's two opposing factions, the religious Deons and the scientist Savants. The TARDIS is intercepted by the megalomaniacal xerophyte Meglos, last survivor of the planet Zolfa-Thura, and trapped in a chronic hysteresis - a time loop - but the Doctor and Romana manage to free it.

Show broadcasts for WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2
11:00pm CST
Tom Baker Movies: The Ark in Space

The TARDIS lands on a seemingly deserted space station in the distant future only to discover that they are not alone. While the station's crew rests in cryogenic sleep their Ark has been invaded by a parasitic insect race, the Wirrn.

Show broadcasts for Iowa Public TV
11:00pm CST
W Hartnell Movies: The Ark

Show broadcasts for WSRE
11:30pm CST
Tom Baker Movies: Full Circle

The TARDIS falls through a CVE into E-Space and arrives on the planet Alzarius. There the inhabitants of a crashed Starliner and a group of young rebels called the Outlers, led by a boy named Varsh and including his brother Adric, are being terrorised by a race of Marshmen who emerge from the marshes at a time known as Mistfall.

Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:00pm PST
Frontios: Part Three
(Repeated: Sun 4:00am PST)

Norna disappears and Turlough is found wandering in a state of shock.

Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:30pm PST
Frontios: Part Four
(Repeated: Sun 4:30am PST)

The Doctor must make sense of Turlough's rambling in order to stop the recurring disappearances.

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