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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 51: 21-27 Dec 2019 - USA

Data last updated 08 December 2019

Saturday 21 December

Show broadcasts for WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2
11:00pm CST
Tom Baker Movies: Terror of the Zygons

The Doctor follows a mysterious creature attacking Scottish oil rigs to Loch Ness where not only does he discover that the legendary monster does exist, but that is also a weapon of the Zygons in their plan to overpower the planet.

Pre-empted on 30 Nov by Around The Corner with John McGivern: Around Madison,  7 Dec by Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2, 14 Dec by Country Music: Live at the Ryman.

Show broadcasts for Iowa Public TV
11:00pm CST
S McCoy Movies: Delta and the Bannermen

Sunday 22 December

Show broadcasts for WSRE
12:00am CST
Tom Baker Movies: Logopolis

The Doctor takes Adric and a young air hostess named Tegan Jovanka, who has come aboard the TARDIS by accident, to the planet Logopolis, home of a race of mathematicians whose help he hopes to enlist in reconfiguring the outer shell of the TARDIS. The mysterious, wraith-like Watcher brings Nyssa from Traken to join them and warns of impending danger - something that is borne out as the Master arrives and kills a number of the Logopolitans.

Pre-empted by Nature: Hotel Armadillo on 1 Dec, Dennis Deyoung and the Music of Styx on 8 Dec.

Saturday 21 December

Show broadcasts for Idaho Public Television
11:00pm MST
Colin Baker Movies: Trial of a Time Lord - The Ultimate Foe

The Sixth Doctor boldly claims the Valeyard's evidence has been falsified, and the Matrix has been tampered with.

Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:09pm PST
The Horns of Nimon: Part One
(Repeated: Sun 4:00am PST)

With the Tardis immobilized, the Doctor gets pulled into a whirlpool in space.

Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:34pm PST
The Horns of Nimon: Part Two
(Repeated: Sun 4:30am PST)

Romana is trapped aboard the Skonnon ship while the Doctor is abandoned in the whirlpool.

Thursday 26 December

Friday 27 December