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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 33: 16-22 Aug 2003 - USA

Data last updated 02 January 2017

Saturday 16 August

Sunday 17 August

Saturday 16 August

Sunday 17 August

Monday 18 August

Show broadcasts for Interstellar Transmissions
2:00am EDT - Online
American Who (Factual)

Jean-Marc Lofficier. Author of the famous "programme guide" that fans had in the 80s as a lifeline to detail the early Doctor Who storys, and that we fans who got into fandom later bought secondhand in the 90s. The Doctor Who Programme Guide is BAAACCCKKK! American Who interviews Mr. Lofficier about the Programme Guide and a novel called Doctor Omega in France that looks suspiciously like Doctor Who.

Friday 22 August

Show broadcasts for SyFy
2:00pm EDT - East Coast Feed
The TV Movie

West Coast feed at 2:00pm local time (6:00pm East Coast/22:00 UTC). This isn't 100% confirmed, as TWiDW mentioned it only on this date, not in preceeding reports.