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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 49: 7-13 Dec 2013 - USA

Data last updated 13 March 2017

Saturday 7 December

Show broadcasts for KBTC
7:00pm PST
Revelation of the Daleks: Split into parts 3 (7:00) and 4 (7:30)

Show broadcasts for Iowa Public TV
11:05pm CST
The Snowmen
Christmas Eve, 1892, and the falling snow is the stuff of fairytales. When the fairytale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe. As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind, or will he fight to save the world and Christmas from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace?

Show broadcasts for Idaho Public Television
11:00pm MST
The Angels Take Manhattan

It is 1938 Manhattan in New York City - or not - with statues that move when no one is looking. Time paradoxes, Weeping Angels, strange books, and a sad farewell to Amy and Rory, once, twice or more must be faced. The Doctor, River Song, Amy and Rory move through time, space and emotions.

Sunday 8 December

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Friday 13 December

Show broadcasts for BBC America
8:00am EST
The Unicorn and the Wasp
Agatha Christie's 10-day disappearance in 1926 may have been the result of amnesia, a nervous breakdown, or a giant alien wasp.

Show broadcasts for BBC America
9:00am EST
From Out of the Rain (TW)
When an old cinema re-opens, past horrors emerge to stalk the streets of Cardiff. And as bodies are found, somewhere between life and death, Torchwood must act fast. Who are the Night Travellers? And how can Torchwood capture these mysterious killers?

Show broadcasts for BBC America
6:00pm EST
The Next Doctor
When the Doctor investigates a spate of mysterious deaths, he's surprised to meet another Doctor. The two must combine forces to defeat a human ally to the Cybermen. But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing?

Show broadcasts for BBC America
7:00pm EST
The Christmas Invasion
Can Rose trust a man with a new face? As the newly regenerated Doctor drifts in and out of consciousness, Christmas becomes a time of terror on planet Earth when the whole of mankind falls under the shadow of the sinister alien Sycorax.

Show broadcasts for BBC America
8:00pm EST
The Day of The Doctor
(Repeated: Fri 11:00pm EST)
The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure across space and time in this 50th Anniversary Special.

Show broadcasts for BBC America
9:45pm EST
The Snowmen
Christmas Eve 1892 and a chilling menace threatens humankind - but with the Doctor in mourning, it takes old friends and an unorthodox young governess to get him fighting to save the world again.