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Data last updated 20 September 2020



Show broadcasts for Comet TV
10:00am EDT
Dr Who and the Daleks (Aaru)
(Repeated: Sun 10:00pm EDT)

The doctor's (Peter Cushing) TARDIS time machine takes him, his granddaughters and a friend (Roy Castle) to war-ravaged planet Skaro.

Shown at 10 am ET/PT | 9 am CT | 11 am MT.

Show broadcasts for Comet TV
12:00pm EDT
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (Aaru)
(Repeated: Mon 12:00am EDT)

Dr. Who (Peter Cushing), his granddaughter, his niece and a London bobby (Bernard Cribbins) find that Daleks have invaded 22nd-century Earth and are turning humans into slaves.

Shown at 12 pm ET/PT | 11 am CT | 1 pm MT.

Show broadcasts for EBRU
8:00pm EDT
Doctor Who
(the actual episode broadcast is unknown)

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
8:00pm EDT
Warriors of the Deep: Part Two

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
8:30pm EDT
Warriors of the Deep: Part Three



Show broadcasts for Retro TV
6:00pm EDT
Time-Flight: Part One

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
6:30pm EDT
Time-Flight: Part Two

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
7:00pm EDT
Time-Flight: Part Three

Show broadcasts for Retro TV
7:30pm EDT
Time-Flight: Part Four

Show broadcasts for WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2
11:00pm CDT
Tom Baker Movies: Full Circle

The TARDIS falls through a CVE into E-Space and arrives on the planet Alzarius. There the inhabitants of a crashed Starliner and a group of young rebels called the Outlers, led by a boy named Varsh and including his brother Adric, are being terrorised by a race of Marshmen who emerge from the marshes at a time known as Mistfall.

Show broadcasts for Idaho Public Television
11:00pm MDT
Peter Davison Movies: The King's Demons

The Doctor discovers the English King is a shape-changing android called Kamelion!


Show broadcasts for WSRE
12:00am CDT
Tom Baker Movies: Destiny Of The Daleks

The Doctor and a newly-regenerated Romana arrive on Skaro and discover that the Daleks are using explosive charges and a group of humanoid slave workers to mine the planet in search of their creator, Davros. A stalemate has arisen in an interplanetary war that the Daleks are waging against the robotic Movellans, and their hope is that Davros will be able to give them the edge.


Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:00pm PDT
Enlightenment: Part Three
(Repeated: Sun 4:00am PDT)

The Doctor discovers that the captain of the pirate ship is actually a concentrated beam of mental energy.

Show broadcasts for KBTC
11:30pm PDT
Enlightenment: Part Four
(Repeated: Sun 4:30am PDT)

The Doctor manages to eject Wrack and pilot her vessel to victory.