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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 34: 25-31 Aug 2012 - USA

Data last updated 13 March 2017

Saturday 25 August

Show broadcasts for BBC America
9:00pm EDT
The Destinations of Doctor Who (Factual)

Show broadcasts for KBTC
7:00pm PDT
The Time Monster: Episode Five
(Repeated: Sun 12:00am PDT)

Show broadcasts for KBTC
7:30pm PDT
The Time Monster: Episode Six
(Repeated: Sun 12:30am PDT)

Show broadcasts for WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2
11:00pm CDT
A Christmas Carol
A space liner carrying over 4000 passengers, including Amy and Rory on their honeymoon, is caught in a strange electrified cloud cover over a human-inhabited planet that interferes with its controls. The ship lands on the planet and discovers a spire in the centre of a large city is influencing the atmosphere. Its owner, the bitter and peevish old Kazran Sardick refuses to operate the isomorphic controls to deactivate the spire and allow the ship to land safely. The Doctor observes Kazran's fear of his father who had built the spire, and creates a scheme inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol to bring Kazran around.

Show broadcasts for Idaho Public Television
11:00pm MDT
The Curse of the Black Spot

The TARDIS is marooned onboard a 17th-century pirate ship whose crew members are being lured to their death by a beautiful siren. When the captain's son is taken, the implacable pirate must place his life in the Doctor's hands and with him, take an extraordinary leap of faith.

Show broadcasts for Idaho Public Television
11:45pm MDT
Ship Ahoy! (Factual)

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