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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 32: 10-16 Aug 2019 - USA

Data last updated 20 July 2019

Saturday 10 August

Show broadcasts for WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2
11:00pm CDT
Tom Baker Movies: The Horns Of Nimon

The inhabitants of the planet Skonnos have been promised by an alien Nimon that he will restore their empire to greatness if they in return provide young sacrifices and radioactive hymetusite crystals, both of which they are obtaining from the nearby planet Aneth.

Friday 16 August

Show broadcasts for RSU Public Television
7:00pm CDT
Peter Davidson Movies: The Awakening

This is billed at 90 minutes, unlike the previous week's Warriors Of The Deep at 60 minutes.