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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 42: 17-23 Oct 2020 - USA

Data last updated 25 October 2020

Saturday 17 October

Show broadcasts for WMVS/MPTV (Milwaukee) HD 10.1/36.2
11:00pm CDT
Tom Baker Movies: The Keeper of Traken

The Doctor and Adric learn from the wizened Keeper of Traken that a great evil has come to his planet in the form of a Melkur - a calcified statue. The Keeper is nearing the end of his reign and seeks the Doctor's help in preventing the evil from taking control of the bioelectronic Source that is the keystone of the Traken Union's civilisation.

Show broadcasts for Iowa Public TV
11:00pm CDT
W Hartnell Movies: The Space Museum

Show broadcasts for Idaho Public Television
11:00pm MDT
Peter Davison Movies: Frontios

Something from Turlough's past is returning to destroy all life on Frontios.

Sunday 18 October

Show broadcasts for WSRE
12:00am CDT
Tom Baker Movies: Nightmare of Eden

The TARDIS arrives on the space liner Empress which has become locked together with a private ship, the Hecate, after colliding with it on emerging from hyperspace. The Doctor and Romana meet the scientist Tryst, who has with him a Continuous Event Transmuter (CET) machine containing crystals on which are stored supposed recordings of planets that he and his team have visited.

Saturday 17 October

Monday 19 October

Show broadcasts for BBC America
4:44am EDT
The Next Doctor

The Doctor meets a strange man in Victorian England called The Doctor.

Thursday 22 October

Show broadcasts for EBRU
8:00pm EDT
Doctor Who
(the actual episode broadcast is unknown)

Friday 23 October

Show broadcasts for EBRU
12:00am EDT
Doctor Who
(the actual episode broadcast is unknown)