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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 03: 21-27 Jan 1989 - USA

Data last updated 13 January 2017

Saturday 21 January

Sunday 22 January

Show broadcasts for WTTW 11 Chicago
11:00pm CST
Spearhead From Space: Movie Format

Intro: Until Sylvester McCoy returns on March the 5th, we travel back in time to The Doctor's third regeneration [sic] and the first appearance of Jon Pertwee. He is joined by Liz Shaw and The Brigadier and Bessie in "Spearhead from Space."

Outro: Next week, a crisis develops on a top secret drilling project which hopes to penetrate the Earth's crust and release a new energy source. Join us next Sunday at 11 when The Doctor does his best to prevent the release of the full force of the "Inferno." [source: ChicagoEpguides]

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