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Channel OverviewUKTV Gold (2004-2008)

Last updated 17 February 2015
UKTV Gold was a television channel based in United Kingdom, with schedules listed for the time-zone BST (+0100). Programmes usually had adverts during broadcast. It is no longer broadcasting.

Programme TypeEpisodes ShownBroadcast Range
Doctor Who29342nd November 1992 - 29th September 2008
Factual3921st November 1993 - 20th November 2005
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous)822nd-23rd November 2003
Aaru Movies418th April - 4th May 2008
K-9 and Company221st November - 5th December 1993


Over the course of May, UK Gold showed two "Dalek Day"s over the the Bank Holidays. This was due to licensing issues, as explained by the Manager of BBC Worldwide's television catalogue, Sue Cowley:

As it currently stands, stories written by Terry Nation cannot be screen on TV anywhere in the world during the latter half of 2003 and beyond. Hence the situation with PBS, and UK Gold's Dalek special is being run rather earlier in the year than might have otherwise been anticipated. The matter relates specifically to stories and situations penned by Terry Nation, and it is not restricted to Doctor Who. Neither is it a new or unexpected "problem". Negotiations are in progress to allow further transmissions. I remain hopeful that this matter can be resolved in the near future.

This led to stories like the skipping of Genesis of the Daleks in the August repeats, and whether Destiny of the Daleks was shown or not on 01:05 BST and 15523 on the 16th August.