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Friday 22nd February 2002

This Week In Doctor Who - February 22, 2002
(posted 22nd Feb 2002, 12:26pm - TWIDW post #0076)
THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - February 22, 2002
by Benjamin F. Elliott
Vol 5, No 8
Welcome to the weekly guide to Doctor Who TV broadcasts around the world.
Top story this week is in New Zealand. Bad news. Prime TV has confirmed to the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club that they have decided not to order any additional Doctor Who episodes. Prime TV is under new ownership and is picking up many more new US programmes instead of the UK programming they have favored before. They will soon carry Enterprise and The Late Show With David Letterman.
Prime TV aired Doctor Who from May 2000 to June 2001, 5 or 6 days a week. They aired all the available Hartnell, Troughton, and Pertwee stories, and the Tom Baker stories from Robot through The Horns of Nimon. Many of the Hartnell & Troughton episodes had never aired in New Zealand before or hadn't been since since the 1960s. Invasion of the Dinosaurs part 1 also made its New Zealand debut. After a successful 6:30PM run, they experimented running 2 episodes edited into a 1 hour show from 6 to 7PM before going back to 1 episode a day at 6PM. The show was pulled in June 2001 to rotate in some other programming, with plans to bring it back in a few months. Allegedly it was being considered for a January 2002 resumption at one point, but that did not happen. On 6 February 2002, the Peter Cushing Dr. Who movie Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150A.D. aired on Prime, only the second time it has been on TV in New Zealand. Barring any surprises, it appears that said Cushing film will be the final appearance of Doctor Who on Prime TV.
INTERNET - The people at BBCi (BBC Online) have announced that there will be another Doctor Who radio drama serialized online after Death Comes To Time is finished - Real Time. While Death Comes To Time was produced by Dan Freeman, Real Time will be produced by Big Finish Productions, presumably in the style of their CD releases. Real Time will star Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and Maggie Stables as Evelyn Smithe, an older companion created especially for the Big Finish audio line. It's currently described as 6 10 minute episodes, with one episode going online per week. Real Time will have illustrations available for people using fast internet connections just as Death Comes To Time has had.
USA - Depending on where you live in the US, PBS pledge season begins this weekend or next. In some cities, Doctor Who will sit out one or more weeks, where it isn't considered a good pledge performer. On the other hand, 3 PBS affiliates will air Doctor Who themed pledge specials on Saturday, March 2nd. Interestingly, all 3 affiliates will be airing material which ties in to the upcoming US/Canada Doctor Who DVD releases by Warner Video.
1 - Iowa Public TV will present The Caves of Androzani that night from 10:30PM to 1AM CST, coming out in April on Warner Video DVD. It's the first weekend of IPTV's annual pledge FESTIVAL. Iowa Doctor Who fandom is expected to be out in force manning phones in hopes of supporting Doctor Who. If you're in Iowa and don't know about their fandom, take a visit to and .
2 - WQED/WQEX 13,16 Pittsburgh, PA will have a 3 hour pledge night from 11PM to 2AM EST. Expect episodes and clips from the Warner VHS and DVD releases this year. TJ Lubinsky (Doctor Who Night 2000, Doo Wop 50, and the guy who got Ed Sullivan and Red Skelton syndicated to PBS stations) will be the host. Expect surprises. I have to assume he'll discuss the Howard Da Silva intros he helped add as an extra to the {s[TheArkInSpace=Ark In Space}} DVD coming this August (and the Robots Of Death DVD from last year). I don't know of any organized Pittsburgh fan groups, but if there are any who'll be involved feel free to contact me and I'll throw in a link next week.
3 - Maryland Public TV will air a rerun of the National Doctor Who Night from 2000, produced and hosted by TJ Lubinsky, from Midnight to 2:33AM EST. This special had special guest Sylvester McCoy, and featured the story Remembrance of the Daleks, which will be out on Warner DVD in April. No local cut-ins are expected, and the nearest Doctor Who fan group was not invited to help man phones, so presumably there will be an automated setup. Eagle eyed viewers who look closely at the taped pledge segments might want to take a look at the people answering phones in the back row. There are several women, and one man in a shadow fumbling around a bit trying to take pledges. I am that man.
This Week In Doctor Who has launched a spinoff discussion list called TWIDWtalk. TWIDWtalk is an idea I have considered for almost a year now. It's a place intended for late breaking news that doesn't make the column, corrections, discussion about how the stations are airing Doctor Who, opinions on the future, memories about the past of Doctor Who on various stations, and related topics. Subscribers are free to speak without moderation, if they try to stay on topic and do not become abusive. We'll iron out any questions on the borders of on topic versus off as it develops. If you're interested, you can send a subscription request to twidwtalk-subscribe@... or visit and evaluate the group for yourself.
Attention to subscribers to the This Week In Doctor Who Yahoo Group. As of Thursday, February 21, there are 3 subscribers who are still using e-mail addresses. Come March 1, @home ceases to exist. If your subscription uses an @home address, I need to hear from you now. You either need to confirm that you have changed your address, ask me to change your address, or alert me if there is a reason why you can't change your address.
Additions and corrections are welcome at bfelliott@... , bfelliott@... , bfelliott3 on AOL IM, or thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. And now, the listings:
I grew up watching Doctor Who in movie format, so I never paid much attention to information like "part something" or "episode something", since I was usually watching a compilation. Recently I went through and checked. Until the end of The Gunfighters, each installment had its own title, so they didn't have episode numbers. From The Savages to The Green Death, they were referred to as episodes. From The Time Warrior to Survival, they were referred to as parts. I will now incorporate that into the column, referring to episodes as episodes and parts as parts. The stories with individual titles for each installment will also be referred to as episodes, for simplicity.


BBC Online
Death Comes To Time - firstrun online Doctor Who story with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, and Stephen Fry
Episode 2B - Planet Of Blood, part 2 of 3 - now online.
Episode 1 and Episode 2A are still online. Episode 2C goes online on 1 March. Webstreamed in RealAudio/RealPlayer/RealOne.


UK Gold
Sat 7:10-9AM GMT Terror of the Autons movie
The 3rd Doctor faces two dilemmas. One minor dilemma - an old friend known as "The Master" has set up shop on Earth engaged in a series of murders and schemes in hopes of causing an alien invasion. One major dilemma - he's had a new untrained assistant thrust upon him - Josephine Grant! UK Gold will probably air the 1992 colour restoration of this story, as apparently they have aired it before. They are unlikely to air the 1999 re-restored version, as they often do not think to check for the cleanest versions of stories. There's a slim chance they might air the black & white version by accident, of course.
Sun 6-9AM GMT The Mind of Evil movie
The 3rd Doctor and Jo investigate a new medical technique that promises to eliminate the evil impulses of psychopaths and murderers. Medical miracle - or evil mental re-engineering? Meanwhile, U*N*I*T faces the twin tasks of transporting an ICBM to a place where it can be disposed of and keeping the peace at an International Peace Conference. This story is the first of several Pertwee stories to feature subplots about peace conferences. Since no colour copy currently exists, we know this one will air in black & white.
BBC Prime
Late Fri 12:30AM, Sat 4PM CET The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp) pt 5 of 14 (Mindwarp pt 1)
Sat 4:30PM, Late Sun 12:35AM CET The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp) pt 6 of 14 (Mindwarp pt 2)
Wed Noon CET The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp) pt 7 of 14 (Mindwarp pt 3)
Thu Noon CET The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp) pt 8 of 14 (Mindwarp pt 4)
The Trial takes a dark turn when the Valeyard presents evidence of the 6th Doctor's recent visit to the planet Thoros-Beta. In the file footage, a shock to the Doctor's nervous system causes him to act strangely, apparently selling out Peri and a heroic band of rebels to Sil and the evil Mentors. As the evidence unfolds, the Doctor tries to figure out why he can't remember the events. And there's a nagging feeling that this adventure ended very badly.
Sun 7AM, Late Sun 1AM AEDT Vengeance on Varos both pts (45 minute episodes)
The 6th Doctor and Peri have a dilemma - the TARDIS is out of a precious ore it needs to travel through space and time. The only available source is on a planet where the people live virtual slave lives, and reality television is the latest wave that everyone watches. The specific brand of reality television is - live executions. Yup, this is the story that Jason Fraser named his Australian Doctor Who website after.
Sun 8:30AM, Late Sun 2:30AM AEDT The Mark of the Rani both pts (45 minute episodes)
(Time approximate after Vengeance On Varos.) Earth in the 19th Century. Technological progress threatens to eliminate the jobs of many traditional workers, causing resentment among people who think they are being left behind. In this environment someone is creating additional resentment and paranoia, creating a dangerous situation. And a scarecrow is stalking the scenes. 6th Doctor: Colin Baker.
BBC Kids
Weekdays 7:30PM, 10:30PM, 2AM, 4AM EST (4:30PM, 7:30PM, 11PM, 1AM PST)
Fri The Ark In Space pt 4 of 4
The Wirrn prepare to over-run the station, with Noah as their leader. The 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Harry are all that stand between humanity and the Wirrn snack bar. Oh dear.
Mon-Tue The Sontaran Experiment pts 1 - 2 of 2
The 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Harry investigate the abandoned planet Earth to see if humanity can safely return. Surprise - seems a few humans are already there, along with a Sontaran invader.
Wed-Fri Genesis of the Daleks pts 1 - 3 of 6
The 4th Doctor is sent back to Ancient Skaro to investigate the creation of the Daleks and see if it is possible to turn them into less dangerous creatures.
NHPTV New Hampshire 11,49,52
Dish Network Boston Local 8781 - not yet offered
Late Sat 1AM EST Earthshock pts 1+2 of 4
Late Thu Mid EST Earthshock pts 3+4 of 4

The 5th Doctor, Nyssa, Adric, and Tegan uncover twin plots to destroy the Earth. A bomb in ancient caves. A freighter flying in from Outer Space. Someone doesn't like humanity very much.
WQED/WQEX 13,16 Pittsburgh, PA
DirecTV Pittsburgh Local 13/947
Dish Network Pittsburgh Local 8136
Late Sat Mid EST Kinda pt 4 of 4
The Mara prepares to emerge, using the power of the Kinda people for evil. 5th Doctor: Peter Davison.
WYBE 35 Philadelphia, PA
DirecTV Philadelphia Local 35/909
Dish Network Philadelphia Local 8162
Sat 4AM+5:30PM EST Revenge of the Cybermen pts 3+4 of 4
The Cybermen have control of Nerva Beacon, and want to use the humans as bombs to destroy Voga, the famous planet of Gold. Meanwhile, Kellman's true motives are revealed. Meanwhile, no one can bear to tell the Vogans that the biggest reason people probably try to kill them is that they all look alike.
Sat 11PM EST Terror of the Zygons pts 1+2 of 4
Reunited with the TARDIS, the 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Harry finally return to Earth. Oil rigs are being destroyed near Loch Ness. The prime suspect - the Loch Ness Monster. But who believes in the Loch Ness Monster?
MPT Maryland 22,28,31,36,62,67
DirecTV DC & Baltimore Local 22/980
Dish Network DC Local 8083 - not yet offered
Dish Network Pittsburgh Local 8141 - not yet offered
Dish Network Baltimore Local 8736 - not yet offered
Late Sat 12:15AM EST Invasion of the Dinosaurs movie
(Time approximate after pledge specials. Will probably omit the first episode, which exists only in Black & White, as the movie version didn't include that episode and MPT has never remembered to add it in before.) The 3rd Doctor, Sarah, the Brigadier, Mike Yates, and Sgt. Benton have yet another invasion of London on their hands. But this time the invaders aren't aliens - they're dinosaurs. One of the gang will be forever changed by events in this story. Also, the Doctor introduces a new hover-car in this story. It was apparently intended to be a regular staple of the show, like the Doctor's roadster Bessie had been. However, it would only appear in one more story - Planet of the Spiders - where it had to share screen time with Bessie.
WCET 48 Cincinnati, OH
DirecTV Cincinnati Local 48/909
Dish Network Cincinnati Local 8356
Sat 11PM EST The Keeper of Traken pt 4 of 4
The Master plans to take control of the power of the Traken union, rejunvenating himself and condemning the people to a fate worse than death. But if the Master is stopped, who will become the new Keeper?
Sat 11:30PM EST Logopolis pt 1 of 4
A shadowy figure is shadowing the 4th Doctor, pulling a shadow over his mood.
WYIN 56 Gary, IN (Chicago, IL)
Dish Network Chicago Local 8502 - not yet offered
Sat 11PM CST Kinda pts 3+4 of 4
See WQED for story details.
ยป Reported as pre-empted by a basketball game
WILL 12 Urbana, IL
Sat 11:30PM CST The Talons of Weng-Chiang pt 1 of 6
The 4th Doctor and Leela come to 19th Century London in search of Culture and an Evening show. They are nearly murdered in Chinatown. So I suppose you could say they succeeded in their mission.
TPT St. Paul, MN
analog KTCA 2, digital KTCI-DT 16.5 (2.5)
DirecTV Minneapolis Local 2/891
Dish Network Minneapolis Local 8576
Sat 11:30PM, Sun 5:30AM CST The Leisure Hive pt 1 of 4
With a new theme tune, updated special effects, and a shorter scarf, the 4th Doctor embarked on Series 18. The Doctor and Romana travel to Argolis in search of a good vacation, stumbling into the lingering resentment and pain caused by a war decades past which decimated the planet.
analog 11,12,21,24,27,32,32,36 digital KDIN-DT 50 Des Moines, IA
Sat 11:35PM CST Planet of Fire all 4 pts
Special night. All 4 parts of this story are airing, so The Caves of Androzani can air as a pledge special next week. Turlough fears the 5th Doctor will learn the secrets behind his mysterious past and why he was exiled to Earth. Peri, an American teenager, comes across an artefact with a symbol which matches the symbol of power on a primitive planet. And an old enemy takes control of Kamelion, turning the befuddled robot into a dangerous madman who looks suspiciously like Peri's father.
KERA/K24AD Dallas/Wichita Falls, TX
analog 13,24 digital KERA-DT 14.1 Dallas, TX
DirecTV Dallas Local 13,889
Dish Network Dallas Local 8406
Late Fri 12:15AM CST Planet of the Daleks all 6 eps
Episode 3 is in black & white. The 3rd Doctor and Jo track the Daleks to a planet where a Dalek army is being built. With the aid of the Thals, the Doctor must keep the army from ever being able to leave the planet. This story makes references to the very first Dalek story.
KBDI/K32EO 12,32 Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
DirecTV Denver Local 12/910
Dish Network Denver Local 8211
Late Fri 12:30AM MST Terminus pts 1+2 of 4
Late Fri 1:30AM, Sat 11PM MST Terminus pts 3+4 of 4
At the center of the Universe, the 5th Doctor finds disease and a secret that could keep the future from ever happening. As Nyssa finds her life in danger, Tegan winds up trapped with Turlough, who finds his thoughts constantly invaded by the presence of the Black Guardian.
KUED/KUES Salt Lake City/Richfield, UT
analog 7,39 digital KUED-DT 42 Salt Lake City, UT
DirecTV Salt Lake City Local 7/982
Dish Network Salt Lake City Local 8536
Doctor Who returns next week.
KBTC/KCKA/K65BU 28,15,65 Tacoma/Centralia/Gray's River, WA
DirecTV Seattle Local 28/970
Dish Network Seattle Local 8620
Sat 7PM, Late Sat 12:30AM PST The Visitation pts 3+4 of 4
The 5th Doctor loses someone dear to him. The Terrileptils prepare to use Black Death to wipe out humanity, leaving the Earth to themselves. Greedy, aren't they?
KTEH/KCAH 54,25 San Jose/Watsonville, CA
DirecTV San Francisco Local 54/903
Dish Network San Francisco Local 8234
Off air during pledge season. Doctor Who returns March 24.

Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

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