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Last updated 02 January 2017
Broadcast: Saturday 26th September 2015
7:45pm-8:35pm BST (18:45 GMT) < > « » Premiere < > « »
Featuring: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Julian Bleach, Michelle Gomez

Trapped on the sinister planet Skaro, the Doctor finds himself a the heart of the evil Dalek Empire. He's all alone as he struggles to resist his greatest temptation - will there be any mercy?

Synopsis Source: Radio Times
Broadcast Source: BBC
Final chart position for The Witch's Familiar

Ratings Information:

Initial figures: 3.705m viewers (overnight), 16.6% audience share, 5th place day, 53rd place week
Consolidated figures: 5.714m viewers (+7 days), 22.9% audience share, 24th place - BARB Week Top 30 Chart, AI 83
Additional figures: 6.150m viewers (+28 days)

Overnights: Doctor Who suffered by being placed directly opposite live coverage of the Rugby World Cup on ITV, where England playing Wales attracted an average of 8.3 million viewers, pushing the overnight audience for Doctor Who down to below 4 million for the first time since the series returned in 2005. The Rugby coverage topped the day peaking at 10.8 million viewers, a 47.6% share. It pushed Strictly Come Dancing into second place for the day with 7.7 million viewers. Casualty had 3.8 million watching just ahead of the Doctor which was also beaten by the late news resulting in Doctor Who being fifth for the day.

Finals (+7 days): The rating makes Doctor Who the 24th most watched programme on British Television for the week and the 8th most watched BBC programme for the week.The live Rugby where England played Wales, which took a sizable proportion of Doctor Who's audience, finished with a consolidated rating of 8.96 million. Top of the list was The Great British Bake Off which had a final audience of 11.09 million viewers.The final rating of 5.71 million is the lowest since the series returned in 2005 to date, although Silence in the Library in 2008, had a lower chart position with 27th.

BARB Reports

BARB Live: 2.878m; Timeshift+7: 2.836m (5.714m total); Timeshift+28: 3.272m (6.150m total)
[first week breakdown: 3.705m(Sat), 4.797m(Sun), 5.139m(Mon), 5.295m(Tue), 5.422m(Wed)]


BARB Player Report (beta):
w/e 27 Sep: Weekly - 202,949[7th] (iOS 58,928[13th], web 144,021[2nd]); 4 Weeks - same figures[35th] (iOS unlisted, web[10th])
w/e 4 Oct: Weekly - 129.443[13th] (iOS unlisted, web 91,784[9th]); (4 Weeks - 332,401[9th] (iOS 96,586[38th], web 235,815[7th])
w/e 11 Oct: 4 Weeks - 366,926[12th] (iOS 106,280[41st], web 260,645[7th])
w/e 18 Oct: 4 Weeks - 385,545[12th] (iOS 112,014[43rd], web 273,531[6th])
w/e 25 Oct: 4 Weeks - unlisted (web 136,133[25th])


No sonic, no TARDIS, nobody to help. With his greatest temptation before him, can the Doctor resist? And will there be mercy?
LinkCredit: BBC