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Last updated 02 January 2017
The Armageddon Factor: Movie Version
Broadcast: Sunday 9th August 1998
12:00am EST (05:00 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Tom Baker, John Leeson, Mary Tamm, Lalla Ward, John Woodvine

Looking for the final segment of the Key to Time, the Doctor and Romana arrive on the planet Atrios which is in a major nuclear war with the neighbouring world of Zeos.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWIDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Friday 7th August 1998:
WFWA 39 in Fort Wayne, Indiana offers viewers who stay up really late Saturday night the conclusion to the Key To Time series. It's The Armageddon Factor, in a movie format package. Romana meets "the Romana who is to come". K9 gets fried, meets a friend, turns evil, and more. And the Doctor faces the ultimate temptation. It's 2hrs, 20 minutes long, and it doesn't start until Midnight. Warning - it may have pledge drives, which would make it last much longer.