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Last updated 26 July 2017
Broadcast: Saturday 1st July 2017
6:30pm-7:30pm BST (17:30 GMT) < > « » Premiere < > « »
(actually broadcast at 18:31:10)
Featuring: Peter Capaldi, Matt Lucas, Pearl Mackie, David Bradley, Michelle Gomez, John Simm

In a bid to protect a tiny band of humans from destruction, the Doctor makes a final bold stand against a fearsome army of Cybermen.

Synopsis Source: Radio Times

Broadcast notes:

There was a sound fault during the last five minutes of the broadcast via BBC Scotland.

Broadcast Source: BBC

Ratings Information:

Initial figures: 3.750m viewers (overnight), 25.3% audience share, 3rd place day
Consolidated figures: 5.295m viewers (+7 days), 31.3% audience share, 16th place, AI 83


01 Jul 2017Pick of the Day (Radio Times)
02 Jul 2017"The Doctors will return..."

DRAMA The clock on the wall shows half past midnight, marking the end of days for the 12th Doctor. Stuck on a vast spaceship alongside a black hole, he's trapped on the roof of a hospital from hell, while the two incarnations of his best "frenenemy", Missy and the Master, dance in delight at his plight. "We've been debating the best way to kill you," says the latter. What a dark joy it is to see John Simm, Michelle Gomez and Peter Capaldi sparking off one another as series ten shudders to a close.

The Doctor may have a cunning plan, but what can be done for poor Bill (the departing Pearl Mackie), who is struggling to accept her complete Cyber-conversion? "I don't want to live if I can't be me any more," she tells her friend. For once, he has no answer.

Steven Moffat's hour-long finale The Doctor Falls has epic ambition, moments of revelation an even pockets of romance as the Doctor struggles to hold the Cybermen - and his regeneration - at bay.

And watch out for a very original cliffhanger (more of an icebreaker) teeing up the Christmas special.

LinkCredit: Radio Times (p52) 

There is an additional caption that appeared in all the major broadcasts of the episode around the world that was absent from the UK broadcast, as seen here from the Australian broadcast:

The Doctors Will Return at Christmas (Austalian caption) (Credit: BBC/ABC)

The caption was present in UK preview copies, so seems to have been removed at broadcast time.