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Last updated 19 February 2017
The Green Death: Movie Version
Broadcast: Sunday 6th March 2005
12:30am-3:00am EST (05:30 GMT) < > « »
MPT Maryland
Featuring: Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning, Stewart Bevan, Jerome Willis

In Wales, a dead miner is found glowing green. UNIT investigates and Jo empathises with the environmentalism of Cliff Jones who is opposing the pollution from Global Chemicals

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWIDW

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Wednesday 2nd March 2005:
MPT Maryland
analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 62-2 (28-2), 36-2 (54-2)
DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
Baltimore Dish 22,8736
Late Saturday 12:30-3AM EST The Green Death movie
Series 10, Episodes 21 through 26. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
Following the events of Planet of the Daleks (which you won't get to see), the 3rd Doctor and Jo have returned to Earth. The Doctor still wants to travel the universe and find Metebelis III. Jo feels an attachment to Earth, wanting to be a part of something. Wet fish Professor Clifford Jones and his quest to shut down a chemical plant grabs Jo's interest. Thankfully for Jo and the audience, this chemical plant actually is destroying the Earth, so they don't look all that foolish. Sometimes the hardest part of having companions is knowing when to let them go, or knowing when to be the hard parent and aim a shotgun at the unworthy boyfriend. Stick it out to the end - one of the best story endings.
12 March - The Time Warrior (12:30AM)
19 March - Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Midnight)
26 March - Death to the Daleks (11:59PM)