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Last updated 12 January 2017
Frontier In Space: Part Two of Two
Broadcast: Sunday 19th April 1987
11:00pm-12:11am CDT (04:00 GMT) < > « » Premiere < > « »
WTTW 11 Chicago
Featuring: Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Roger Delgado

The Doctor and Jo are the Master's prisoners. In a bid to escape, the Doctor makes a dangerous spacewalk.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide

Broadcast notes:

WTTW split the story into two parts, with the break made at the start of episode four as the Doctor bangs on the door of the airlock. [source: ChicagoEpguides]

Intro: If the Doctor can escape the Earth's moon, he must still convince the president of the Earth and the Draconian leaders who is really behind the attacks. His work is cut out for him in the conclusion of "Frontier in Space."

Outro: Somewhere, a mighty army of Daleks is waiting. Next week, The Doctor and Jo set off in pursuit. Be with us next Sunday at 11 for part 1 of "Planet of the Daleks." [source: ChicagoEpguides]

Broadcast Source: BroaDWcast