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Wednesday 13th February 2008

TWIDW Update 2/13/08
(posted 13th Feb 2008, 6:16am - TWIDW post #0649)
Due to upcoming travels, This Week In Doctor Who will not go out on February
16th. Here are some updates since the February 9 edition. Depending on
circumstances, there may be more updates before February 23.
Hong Kong
ATV World has picked up The Sarah Jane Adventures, starting with Revenge Of
The Slitheen. Episodes air Sundays at 6:25PM starting 17 February.
Also, the Doctor Who episode airing on 14 February at 10:03PM on ATV World
is Smith And Jones, with The Shakespeare Code airing 21 February. The
Runaway Bride is being skipped for now.
ABC2, digital over the air companion channel to ABC1 (formerly ABC), will
air Series 1 of Doctor Who Fridays at 8:30PM starting 29 February.
UKTV Drama is *not* ending the Tom Baker weekday broadcasts as previously thought. They are merely taking the week of 18 February off. The Brain of Morbius pt 4 will air 25 February at 12:20PM and 5PM. UKTV Gold's 5PM airings (2 per day) of Series 1 of Doctor Who only air the week of 18 February, creating a repeat run that ends with The Doctor Dances.
KLRU 18 Austin, TX has begun scheduling Series 2 episodes in its advanced
search. New Earth airs on Thursday 17 April at 10PM and Saturday 19 April at
11PM. No Who episodes will air in March. The schedule in early April is
unclear, so we do not know if The Christmas Invasion will run prior to New
Earth. This is Series 2 of the syndication package to over the air public TV
Benjamin Elliott, This Week In Doctor Who