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Thursday 5th January 2006

Doctor Who (Eccleston Episodes) On Ztelé Canada
(posted 5th Jan 2006, 11:43am - TWIDW post #0371)
French Canadian station Ztelé has picked up Doctor Who, as Outpost Gallifrey learned. It premiered on Tuesday at 8PM. But the first episode will repeat another 4 times in the next week, so you have a chance to catch up. Ztelé's description of Doctor Who is at .

All times are presumably Eastern (for Quebec). I do not know how much of Canada Ztelé reaches. The episodes are clearly dubbed in French (using the trailer from the website as reference - the Doctor's speaking in French). They have broadcast dates for the first 3 episodes on the website. Interestingly, the first 2 episodes are titled the same as they are in France, and episode 3 (The Unquiet Dead) has the same words but with spelling changes. No clue if this is the same French dub that France 4 aired.

  1. Tuesday 3 January 8PM, Friday 6 January 9PM, Saturday 7 January 8AM, Sunday 8 January 4PM, Tuesday 10 January 2PM - Rose
  2. Tuesday 10 January 8PM, Friday 13 January 9PM, Saturday 14 January 8AM, Sunday 15 January 4PM, Tuesday 17 January 2PM - La Fin Du Monde
  3. Tuesday 17 January 8PM, Friday 20 January 9PM, Saturday 21 January 8AM, Sunday 22 January 4PM, Tuesday 24 January 2PM - Des Morts Inassouvis

Watch Ztelé's trailer for Doctor Who (in French) at .

Here's hoping Doctor Who goes over well with the French audience in Canada like it did with the English audience.
Benjamin Elliott