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Last updated 04 January 2017
Broadcast: Saturday 26th March 2005
7:00pm-7:45pm GMT < > « » Premiere < > « »
BBC One - see BBC's Genome Entry
Featuring: Christopher Eccleston, Noel Clarke, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri

New series 1/13. The Time Lord, who's now had as many lives as a cat, materialises once more for the long-awaited ninth incarnation of the classic sci-fi drama.

After meeting a mysterious stranger, Rose Tyler realises her life will never be the same again.

Doctor Who Confidential follows at 7.45pm on BBC3.(AD)
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Synopsis Source: Radio Times
Broadcast Source: BBC

Ratings Information:

Initial figures: 10.000m viewers (overnight), 43.2% audience share
Consolidated figures: 10.810m viewers (+7 days), 44.8% audience share, 7th place, AI 76

During this period the AI system was switching from pen+paper method to online recording; the old system registered 81 for this episode.

Overnights: Cult sci-fi hero Doctor Who won the battle of prime time as 10 million viewers tuned in to watch the series return after a 16-year absence, figures revealed today. The series, which was screened at 7pm, had an average audience share of 43.2% and hit a peak of 10.6 million viewers. Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, which ran against Doctor Who, had an average of 7.2 million viewers, taking a 31.4% share. The Geordie duo peaked with an 8.5 million audience, 37.5% of the viewing public.

BARB consolidated ratings for the week ending 27th March:

13.11m  Coronation Street                      ITV  21 Mar   7:30pm [7:34pm]
12.68m  Coronation Street                      ITV  21 Mar   8:30pm [8:29pm]
12.34m  Coronation Street                      ITV  23 Mar   7:30pm
12.05m  Coronation Street                      ITV  25 Mar   7:30pm [7:33pm]
11.50m  Eastenders                             BBC1 22 Mar   7:30pm [7:31pm]
11.41m  Eastenders                             BBC1 21 Mar   8:00pm [8:01pm]
10.81m  Doctor Who                             BBC1 26 Mar   7:00pm
10.71m  Coronation Street                      ITV  27 Mar   7:30pm [7:29pm]
10.45m  Eastenders                             BBC1 24 Mar   7:30pm
10.35m  Eastenders                             BBC1 25 Mar   8:00pm
10.33m  Emmerdale                              ITV  21 Mar   7:00pm [7:02pm]
10.07m  Emmerdale                              ITV  24 Mar   7:00pm [7:04pm]
 9.75m  Emmerdale                              ITV  25 Mar   7:00pm [7:01pm]
 9.70m  Emmerdale                              ITV  22 Mar   7:00pm [7:04pm]
 9.51m  Emmerdale                              ITV  23 Mar   7:00pm [6:58pm]
 8.22m  Heartbeat                              ITV  27 Mar   8:00pm [8:01pm]
 7.76m  Life Begins                            ITV  23 Mar   9:00pm [9:02pm]
 7.55m  Holby City                             BBC1 22 Mar   8:00pm [8:02pm]
 7.49m  The Bill                               ITV  23 Mar   8:00pm [7:59pm]
 7.47m  Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway  ITV  26 Mar   7:00pm [6:59pm]
 7.32m  Emmerdale                              ITV  27 Mar   7:00pm [7:02pm]
 7.22m  The Two Ronnies Sketchbook             BBC1 25 Mar   9:00pm [8:59pm]
 7.09m  Casualty                               BBC1 26 Mar   8:25pm [8:24pm]