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Last updated 02 January 2017
The Creature from the Pit: Part One
Broadcast: Sunday 18th November 2001
5:30am-5:55am CST (11:30 GMT) « »
Featuring: Tom Baker, David Brierley, Lalla Ward, Myra Frances, Eileen Way

The Doctor and Romana follow a distress signal to the jungle world of Chloris. The planet is ruled by the ruthless Lady Adrasta who takes the Doctor prisoner.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Friday 16th November 2001:
TPT St. Paul, MN
analog KTCA 2, digital KTCI-DT 16-5 (2-5)
Sat 11:30PM, Sun 5:30AM CST The Creature from the Pit ep 1 of 4
(this verse sung a bit more somber and slowly)
15. It's Cur-tains For The Big Egg Shell
It's Space Flight Now Is Done
The Crea-ture Which Did Spin It Out
Is Not There To Re-spun.
A Dis-tress Call It Shall Send Out
Al-though It's Too Late
Who Would Fly A Bro-ken Egg Shell In That Quite Wretch-ed State?