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Last updated 02 January 2017
Broadcast: Wednesday 17th November 2004
6:05pm-6:30pm AEDT (07:05 GMT) « »
Featuring: Tom Baker, Nicholas Courtney, Ian Marter, Elisabeth Sladen, John Woodnutt, John Woodnutt

The leader of an alien race hiding under Loch Ness emerges, keen on a career in politics. CAST: Tom Baker, Elizabeth Sladen

Synopsis Source: ABC
Broadcast Source: ABC

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Wednesday 10th November 2004:
Thursday 6:04PM Revenge of the Cybermen pt 2 of 4
Monday 6:03PM Revenge of the Cybermen pt 3 of 4
Tuesday 6:05PM Revenge of the Cybermen pt 4 of 4

Series 12, Episodes 18 through 20. Doctor: Tom Baker.
Remnants of the Cybermen invade Nerva Beacon seeking revenge on a planet that has nearly wiped them out of existence.
Wednesday 6:05PM Terror of the Zygons pt 1 of 4
Series 13, Episode 1. Doctor: Tom Baker.
Recalled to Earth, the 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Harry reunite with U*N*I*T. Oil rigs are sinking near Loch Ness. In retaliation, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is wearing a kilt.