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Last updated 02 January 2017
The Stones of Blood: Part Three
Broadcast: Sunday 29th April 2001
12:00am-12:30am EDT (04:00 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Tom Baker, John Leeson, Mary Tamm, Susan Engel, Beatrix Lehmann

As the blood-hungry Ogri close in, the Doctor launches a desperate attempt to rescue Romana from hyperspace.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Friday 27th April 2001:
NHPTV New Hampshire 11,49,52
Late Sat Mid EDT The Stones of Blood eps 3+4 of 4
The Doctor accidentally releases 2 justice machines from centuries of imprisonment. It seems the penalty for compassion is death. Who knows what they would have done if the Doctor had ever given their car gas on the side of the road? They might have blown up a planet or something. Very high strung creatures.
Late Thu Mid EDT The Androids of Tara eps 1+2 of 4
See Prime TV New Zealand for description.