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Last updated 02 January 2017
Fear Factor
Broadcast: Thursday 14th May 2009
8:45pm-9:00pm EDT (00:45 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Will Cohen, Russell T Davies, Jean-Claude Deguara, Ron Donachie, David Forman, Mark Gatiss, Clayton Hickman, Dave Houghton, Euros Lyn, Kevin McCurdy, Steven Moffat, David Tennant

This episode goes behind the scenes of Tooth and Claw

Behind-the-scenes look at Doctor Who. How state-of-the-art CGI creates one of the Doctor's hairiest and scariest monsters, plus a look at his bone-chilling fight with the Sycorax leader.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

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Saturday 9th May 2009:
UNC-ED North Carolina
Digital Cable Channel from public broadcaster UNC. Not available over the air or on satellite.
Series 2 - UNC's 3rd Cycle:
Saturday 6PM EDT 2-01 New Earth
Saturday 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-01 New New Doctor
Thursday 8PM, Friday Noon, 16 May 6PM EDT 2-02 Tooth and Claw
Thursday 8:45PM, Friday 12:45PM, 16 May 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-02 Fear Factor

21 May 8PM, 22 May Noon, 23 May 6PM EDT 2-03 School Reunion
21 May 8:45PM, 22 May 12:45PM, 23 May 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-03 Friends Reunited
28 May 8PM, 29 May Noon, 30 May 6PM EDT 2-04 The Girl in the Fireplace
28 May 8:45PM, 29 May 12:45PM, 30 May 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-04 From Script to Screen
4 June 8PM, 5 June Noon, 6 June 6PM EDT 2-05 Rise of the Cybermen pt 1 of 2
4 June 8:46PM, 5 June 12:46PM, 6 June 6:46PM EDT DWC 2-05 Cybermen
11 June 8PM, 12 June Noon, 13 June 6PM EDT 2-06 The Age of Steel pt 2 of 2
11 June 8:45PM, 12 June 12:45PM, 13 June 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-06 From Zero to Hero
18 June 8PM, 19 June Noon, 20 June 6PM EDT 2-07 The Idiot's Lantern
18 June 8:45PM, 19 June 12:45PM, 20 June 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-07 The Writer's Tale
25 June 8PM, 26 June Noon, 27 June 6PM EDT 2-08 The Impossible Planet pt 1 of 2
25 June 8:46PM, 26 June 12:46PM, 27 June 6:46PM EDT DWC 2-08 You've Got the Look