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Last updated 02 January 2017
Religion, Myths and Legends
Broadcast: Saturday 20th December 2008
11:45pm-12:00am EST (04:45 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Russell T Davies, Mark Gatiss, Dave Houghton, Shaun Parkes, Billie Piper, James Strong, David Tennant, Will Thorp, Simon Winstone

This episode goes behind the scenes of The Satan Pit

Going behind the scenes of Doctor Who. This edition looks at what the Doctor, a man who has been mistaken for God, surrounded by religion and witnessed the occult, actually believes in.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide

Broadcast notes:

Originally scheduled for the week before.
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Saturday 20th December 2008:
UNC North Carolina
analog 58,17,30,4,36,33 digital .1
Charlotte DirecTV 58,892
Charlotte Dish 4,8662
Greenville, SC DirecTV 33,892
Greenville, SC Dish 4,8190
Norfolk, VA DirecTV 2
Norfolk, VA Dish 2,7271
Florence, SC DirecTV 31
Florence, SC Dish 31,7845
Greenville, NC DirecTV 25
Greenville, NC Dish 19,7737
Series 2 - 2nd Cycle:
Saturday 11PM EST 2-09 The Satan Pit pt 2 of 2 (there must have been a schedule change)
Saturday 11:47PM EST DWC 2-09 Religion, Myths and Legends
27 December 11PM EST 2-10 Love & Monsters
27 December 11:45PM EST DWC 2-10 The New World of Dr Who
3 January 11PM EST 2-11 Fear Her
3 January 11:45PM EST DWC 2-11 The Fright Stuff
10 January 11PM EST 2-12 Army of Ghosts pt 1 of 2
10 January 11:45PM EST DWC 2-12 Welcome to Torchwood
17 January 11PM EST 2-13 Doomsday pt 2 of 2 (looks like Doctor Who might take a break after this episode)
17 January 11:45PM EST DWC 2-13 Finale
UNC has the right to air Series 1 for one more cycle before February 28, 2009.