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Last updated 02 January 2017
The Time Monster: Episode One
Broadcast: Friday 23rd July 1999
11:38pm-12:03am CDT (04:38 GMT) < > « »
Iowa Public TV
Featuring: Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning, Ian Collier, Roger Delgado, Richard Franklin, John Levene, Wanda Moore

Masquerading as research scientist, Professor Thascales, the Master is using a device called TOMTIT to summon an ancient and powerful creature from beyond time.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWIDW

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Friday 23rd July 1999:
IPTV Iowa 11, 12, 21, 24, 27, 32, 36 and
Fri 11:12PM CDT The Mutants ep 6 of 6
Fri 11:38PM CDT The Time Monster ep 1 of 6

Ky completes his transformation, and hopes to help his fellow Solonians to solve their mutation problems and reach the next level of their lives. Then, a group of scientists in Cambridge find a way to transfer matter through interstitial time.