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Last updated 02 January 2017
Terror of the Zygons: Part One
Broadcast: Saturday 26th December 1998
9:00pm-9:25pm EST (02:00 GMT) < > « »
Maine Public Broadcasting
Featuring: Tom Baker, Nicholas Courtney, Ian Marter, Elisabeth Sladen, John Woodnutt, John Woodnutt

The Doctor, Sarah and Harry return to Earth to help the Brigadier discover what is causing the destruction of oil rigs off the coast of Scotland.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWIDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Wednesday 23rd December 1998:
Maine Public Broadcasting 10, 10, 12, 13, 26, 39
Saturday at 9PM - Terror of the Zygons - episodes 1 and 2 of 4
The 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Harry have been recalled to Earth by the Brigadier to investigate the destruction of oil rigs. The good news - the environmentalists have not gone off their rockers in an attempt to end the use of oil, forcing people to use more pollution causing substitutes. The bad news - the Loch Ness Monster may be real! It's an interesting story, so I hope they have better prints then the ones used for my copy, which were just plain horrific.