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Last updated 02 January 2017
Carnival Of Monsters: Episode One
Broadcast: Saturday 4th December 1999
7:00pm-7:30pm PST (03:00 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Leslie Dwyer, Tenniel Evans, Cheryl Hall, Ian Marter

The Doctor and Jo arrive in 1926 on the cargo ship SS Bernice. But when the TARDIS is taken by a huge hand and a dinosaur appears, the Doctor suspects that all is not as it seems.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide

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Timing approximate due to pledge night.
Broadcast Source: TWIDW

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Friday 3rd December 1999:
KBTC/KCKA 28, 15 Tacoma/Centralia, WA zip 98405
Sat 7PM PST Carnival Of Monsters eps 1+2 of 4
Time approximate from pledge drives. No late night rerun this week. For his first flight since being given control of his TARDIS back, the Doctor decides to take Jo Grant to see Metebelis III. His first attempt appears to have placed them onboard a ship in the South Pacific. The link to TV Quest is back up for the moment, as they have taken down the links to their schedules, by accident from the looks of it.