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Last updated 02 January 2017
A Fix With Sontarans
Broadcast: Saturday 23rd February 1985
6:05pm-6:14pm GMT < > » Premiere < > »
(actually broadcast at 18:07:02)
Featuring: Gareth Jenkins, Colin Baker, Janet Fielding, Clinton Greyn, Tim Raynham

The Doctor is attempting to set up the TARDIS to defend against two Sontaran troopers that are on board, but inadventently activates a matter transporter bringing first Tegan and then a young boy named Gareth Jenkins to the console room - the latter dressed identically to the Doctor! The boy assists the Doctor in operating the TARDIS in readiness, and is revealed by the Sontarans as they arrive as a key defender of Earth in its future, thwarting an invasion - he then saves the day by throwing a switch that releases a gas to kill the Sontarans.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide

Shown as part of Jim'll Fix It, Series 11 Programme 9. Details are for the whole 35 minute programme.
Broadcast Source: BBC

Ratings Information:

Consolidated figures: 10.100m viewers (+7 days), 50th place