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Last updated 29 May 2017
The Time of the Doctor
Broadcast: Wednesday 25th December 2013
7:30pm-8:30pm GMT < > « » Premiere < > « »
Featuring: And introducing Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, With Karen Gillan, Orla Brady, Jack Hollington, Rob Jarvis, Tessa Peake-Jones

The massed forces of the universe's deadliest alien species are drawn to a quiet planet by a mysterious message echoing out to the stars.

Synopsis Source: Radio Times
Broadcast Source: BBC

Ratings Information:

Initial figures: 8.290m viewers (overnight), 30.7% audience share, 2nd place day
Consolidated figures: 11.140m viewers (+7 days), 35.3% audience share, 3rd place, AI 83

Overnights for Christmas Day: The episode was second-highest rated for the day, only beaten by Mrs Brown's Boys (9.4m, 35.5%). However it did achieve the highest audience for the day with 10.20m(37.0%) tuning in to see Capaldi's arrival. Third place went to Coronation Street with 7.9m(29.3%), though when +1 is taken into account this rose to 8.27m(30.7%) so Doctor Who still won out - just! The bookies' favourite Eastenders limped into fourth place with 7.8m(29.0%).

Doctor Who Daily Live+VOSDAL: 8.295m; +1: 9.320m (+1.025); +2: 9.961m (+0.641); +3: 10.348m (+0.387); +4: 10.686m (+0.338); +5: 10.903m (+0.217); +6: 11.042m (+0.139); +7 [pre-final]: 11.089m (+0.047)

Finals for Christmas Day: Doctor Who was watched by 11.14m (35.33% share); it was in second place for the day, behind Mrs Browns Boys (11.52m/36.3%), with Coronation Street in 3rd (9.82m/30.9%). Downton Abbey came in 4th (9.41m/30.2%), Eastenders 5th (9.36m/29.6%) and Call the Midwife 6th (9.16m/33.8%).


The Doctor clocks up the 800th episode since his adventures began 50 years ago and his deadliest foes gather as his life draws to a close. The man whom we assumed to be the 11th incarnation had been abruptly bumped along to 13th - for reasons we hope will be made clear. As fans are aware, most Time Lords die when their 13th body expires. I stress "most", because the wicked Master overcame that hurdle many moons ago. Surely, our hero will be just as canny...

Besides, Peter Capaldi is busy practising his Doctorly expressions in the wings and debuts tonight. Let's hope he gets more than a few snappy lines at the end - it's a long wait till next autumn. Until then, farewell to Matt Smith, who's up there with the greats of Who, and will be sorely missed.

Credit: Radio Times (21 Dec 2013 - 3 Jan 2013, p141)