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Last updated 18 April 2020
Broadcast: Friday 17th April 2020
2:00pm-6:00pm EDT (18:00 GMT) < > « » Premiere < > « »

Here at Fanslikeus we've been very lucky to get so many great guests giving up their time to do interviews and panels with us.  In fact, we've had such an overwhelming response that we're completely unable to fit everybody into a one-day event!  At first we thought we'd just hold on to some guests for future event but then we decided that would be selfish, so instead we're doing a mini-event on the Friday called the Writers' Room, where we'll put the interviews with the five writers we've spoken to.  Then on Saturday it'll be the turn of the actors, directors and producers to give their side of the process and spill a few beans.

19.00 - Peter Anghelides
19.30 - Sophie Iles
20.00 - Stephen Gallagher
20.35 - Andrew Smith
21.20 - Andrew Cartmel
23.00 - Closedown 

Synopsis Source: Fanslikeus
Broadcast Source: YouTube