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Last updated 08 December 2018
Doctor Who: cancelled Series 11 repeat run (episodes 1-9)
Cancelled: Sunday 9th December 2018
9:30am-8:00pm EST (14:30 GMT) « »
(the actual episode broadcast is unknown)
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There was an expected repeat run of Series 11 througout the day, but this was cancelled in favour of showing a series of sci-films instead.

Original schedule: 9:30 The Woman Who Fell To Earth, 11:00 The Ghost Monument, 12:05 Rosa, 1:15 Arachnids In The UK, 2:20 The Tsuranga Conundrum, 3:30 Demons Of The Punjab, 4:40 Kerblam!, 5:45 The Witchfinders, 6:50 It Takes You Away.

Replacement: 9:00 Alien, 11:30 Total Recall, 2:00 Contact, 5:30 Deep Impact.

Broadcast Source: BBC America