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Last updated 02 January 2017
Doctor Who Mastermind
Broadcast: Saturday 19th March 2005
8:40pm-9:10pm GMT < > « » Premiere < > « »
BBC2 - see BBC's Genome Entry
Featuring: John Humphrys, Christopher Eccleston

One-off Mastermind special hosted by John Humphrys. Four Doctor Who aficionados are put through their paces to find out who will be crowned the UK's top fan. The prize is presented by Christopher Eccleston, who plays Doctor Who.

Broadcast notes:

The first lot of questions from the Doctor Who special.

1) What is Lethbridge-Stewart's rank when he first appears in The Web of Fear?
2) Who designed K-9 as his personal mobile database at the Bi-Al foundation?
3) What is the full name of the English spy in The Reign of Terror, who masquerades as Lemaitre, the Governor of the Conciergerie Prison?
4) Which company's UK headquarters was a major site for the location filming of Revelation of the Daleks?
5) Who wrote The Sun Makers as a skit on the Inland Revue, with a Gatherer, a Collector and a Corridor P-45?
6) Which regular member of the 'Carry On' cast appeared as Varga, one of the Ice Warriors, in that story?
7) In The Stones of Blood, as what was the third segment of the Key to Time disguised?
8) Which member of the Daleks' Grand Alliance was played by Robert Cartland in Mission to the Unknown and Bryan Mosley in The Daleks' Master Plan?
9) Which Terrance Dicks story was the first to be produced by Graham Williams?
10) Which planet returned to our Solar System in 1986 having drifted to the edge of the universe and back again?
11) What was the title of the episode in The Daleks' Masterplan which was the first to have been transmitted on Christmas Day?
12) Who coached Sylvester McCoy in the magic tricks used by the Doctor in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy?
13) John Levene, who played Benton in many of the stories, made his first credited appearance in the series as which robotic enemy of the Doctor?
14) In the 1996 TV Movie, what film is Pete the morgue attendant watching when the Doctor regenerates?
15) Where in Tranquil Repose does the Doctor find his own gravestone?
16) In The Green Death, which supercomputer tries to seize power by linking itself to every other major computer in the world?
17) What appears on Tegan's arm after she has been possessed by the Mara in Snakedance? (Questions not asked)
18) Who was originally due to play Morgan in Colony in Space, until the Head of Serials objected to a woman in the role and insisted it be recast?
19) At which school, attended by Susan Foreman, are Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton teachers?
20) What name was given to robophobia as a production crew in-joke in The Robots of Death?
21) With which mythical monster, played by David Prowse, does the Doctor have a fight in The Time Monster? 22) In The Mind of Evil, which machine contains a creature that feeds on the evil in people's minds?
23) In the final scene of The Enemy of the World, how is the Doctor's double Salamander killed?
24) Which enlightened Exxilon joins with the Doctor to fight the Daleks in Death to the Daleks?
25) Li H'sen Chang warns the Doctor to beware of what in The Talons of Weng-Chiang?
26) What region of the Earth's atmosphere do the Silurians plan to destroy in order to make the planet reptilian friendly in a story from 1970?
27) The Kandyman robot was destroyed when the pipe through which it was escaping was flooded with what?
28) What is a Dalek seen to do for the first time on screen in Remembrance of the Daleks?
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Ratings Information:

Consolidated figures: 1.800m viewers (+7 days), 7.6% audience share, AI 71