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Last updated 02 January 2017
The Web of Caves
Broadcast: Saturday 13th November 1999
10:20pm-10:25pm GMT < > « » Premiere < > « »
BBC2 - see BBC's Genome Entry
Featuring: Mark Gatiss, David Walliams

Comedy sketch centred on the various alien adversaries that have confronted the Doctor. The Kidnappers follows Doctor Who at 10:30pm.

Synopsis Source: DWN
Broadcast Source: BBC

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Friday 12th November 1999:
BBC2 (all regions)
Saturday's Doctor Who Night!
~8:55PM GMT Tom Baker
Tom Baker is back, sans scarf, to host the night.
~9PM GMT Adventures In Time And Space
The history of Doctor Who, as told by his companions.
~9:40PM GMT The Pitch of Fear
In 1963, a producer gets an idea for a new television series. This is his story.
~9:45PM GMT How To Live Forever
We all have to learn sometime, and now we get to find out.
~9:50PM GMT Carnival of Monsters
(To the tune of Xena.) In a time of ancient documentaries and announcers, a new TV series in trouble cried out for some villains. They were the Monsters. Mighty beings of evil, forged in the heat of the BBC costume department. Their villainy would save the series.
~10:20PM GMT The Web of Caves
The Doctor travels through time, battling the evil monsters and giving words of encouragement to the monsters who have a touch of trouble making the Michael Grade.
~10:25PM GMT How to Build a TARDIS
Because he had some trouble with designing a Chameleon Circuit, the Doctor will not be presenting this documentary. Romana was unavailable, so some well-known scientist of something will host the show.
~10:30PM GMT The Dead Planet - The Rescue ep 7 of 7
Previous BBC broadcast - 1 February 1964. The 1st Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Susan, and the Thals lead an assault on the Dalek city to regain the fluid links and stop the Daleks from dropping a second Neutron Bomb.
~10:55PM GMT The Kidnappers
Comedy skit with no description, produced by Mark Gatiss.
11:03:03PM-12:30AM GMT DOCTOR WHO 1996 McGann movie - uncut!
The night ends with the first ever complete broadcast of the Doctor Who TV movie on British television (all previous broadcasts were cut to get a '12' certificate). The Master's dying request is for the 7th Doctor to return his remains to Gallifrey. It is a request that should never have been granted.
Rerun Relaunch!
Tue 6PM GMT Spearhead From Space eps 1+2 of 4
UNIT's investigation of unusual meteorite showers is interrupted when a Police Public Telephone Box appears in the middle of a field. A person emerges from the box with completely inhuman physiology. The man claims to know the Brigadier. The first ever colour episodes, newly cleaned up for this broadcast.

Leading into the Tuesday broadcast is coverage of Indoor Bowls. It's the First Round of the BUPA Care Home Open. It is scheduled to air live from 3:30PM-6PM. Snooker blankets BBC2 next week.