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Last updated 21 March 2017
Le Mariage de Noël
Broadcast: Wednesday 17th December 2008
2:30pm-3:30pm CET (13:30 GMT) « »
Presented in French
France 4
Featuring: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Sarah Parish
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Saturday 13th December 2008:
France 4
Series 4 coming in December. Weekday afternoon Repeat run (in French):
(I'm not entirely confident that the episodes that air will be the episodes listed. If the station's listings are correct, then I do not get the pattern.)
Monday 7:45AM and (late) 1:30AM CET 2-12 L'armee Des Ombres pt 1 of 2
Monday 8:35AM and (late) 2:15AM CET 2-13 Adieu Rose
Monday 2:45PM and (late) 3AM, Tuesday 7:55AM CET 3-01 La Loi Des Judons
Monday 3:35PM and (late) 3:45AM, Tuesday 8:50AM and (late) 1:40AM CET 3-02 Peines D'armour Gagnees
Tuesday 2:50PM, Wednesday 7:30AM CET 3-03 (Gridlock)
Tuesday 3:35PM, Wednesday 8:15AM CET 3-04 (DaleksInManhattan/1) pt 1 of 2
Wednesday 2)
Wednesday 3:30PM, Thursday 8:40AM CET 3-05 (Evolution of the Daleks) pt 2 of 2
Thursday 2:50PM, Friday 8AM CET 3-06 (The Lazarus Experiment)
Thursday 3:35PM, Friday 8:45AM CET 3-07 (42)
Friday 2:50PM CET 3-08 (Human Nature) pt 1 of 2
Friday 3:35PM CET 3-09 (The Family of Blood) pt 2 of 2