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Last updated 10 March 2017
The Daleks
Broadcast: Thursday 17th May 2007
10:45pm-11:00pm PDT (05:45 GMT) < > « » Premiere < > « »
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Featuring: Simon Pegg, Nicholas Briggs, Phil Collinson, Russell T Davies, Christopher Eccleston, Barnaby Edwards, Murray Gold, Neill Gorton, Lorraine Heggessey, Billie Piper, Robert Shearman, Edward Thomas

This episode goes behind the scenes of Dalek

Simon Pegg narrates a behind-the-scenes look at Doctor Who, following the production team, writers and cast as they bring the Time Lord back to the screen. Trundling tanks of terror, armed with a sucker, a ray gun and a really bad attitude - it can only be the Daleks.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Saturday 12th May 2007:
Oregon Public Broadcasting
analog 10,28,13,3,7
No digital simulcast.
Portland DirecTV 10,947
Portland Dish 10,8676
Eugene DirecTV 28
Eugene Dish 28,7186
Sunday 4AM and 5PM PDT 1-05 World War Three pt 2 of 2
Sunday 4:45AM and 5:45PM PDT DWC 1-05 Why on Earth?
Thursday 10PM, 20 May 4AM and 5PM PDT 1-06 Dalek Premiere
Thursday 10:45PM, 20 May 4:45AM and 5:45PM PDT DWC 1-06 The Daleks Premiere

24 May 10PM, 27 May 4AM and 5PM PDT 1-07 The Long Game
24 May 10:45PM, 27 May 4:45AM and 5:45PM PDT DWC 1-07 The Dark Side
31 May 10PM, 3 June 4AM and 5PM PDT 1-08 Father's Day
31 May 10:45PM, 3 June 4:45AM and 5:45PM PDT DWC 1-08 Time Trouble
7 June 10PM, 10 June 4AM PDT 1-09 The Empty Child pt 1 of 2
7 June 10:45PM, 10 June 4:45AM PDT DWC 1-09 FX
14 June 10PM, 17 June 4AM and 5PM PDT 1-10 The Doctor Dances pt 2 of 2
14 June 10:45PM, 17 June 4:45AM and 5:45PM PDT DWC 1-10 Weird Science Of Doctor Who
21 June 10PM, 24 June 4AM and 5PM PDT 1-11 Boom Town
21 June 10:45PM, 24 June 4:45AM and 5:45PM PDT DWC 1-11 Unsung Heroes and Violent Deaths
28 June 10PM PDT 1-12 Bad Wolf pt 1 of 2
28 June 10:45PM PDT DWC 1-12 The World of Who
5 July 10PM PDT 1-13 The Parting of the Ways pt 2 of 2
5 July 10:45PM PDT DWC 1-13 The Last Battle