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Last updated 05 March 2017
Partners in Crime
Unconfirmed: Saturday 16th January 2010
8:00pm-8:50pm CST (02:00 GMT) < > « » Premiere < > « »
Houston Public Media
Featuring: David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins, Catherine Tate, Verona Joseph, Jacqueline King, Sarah Lancashire

Missing from TWiDW, date and time is assumed from known broadcasts.

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Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Saturday 20th February 2010:
KUHT 8 Houston, TX slipped Doctor Who back on the schedule without my hearing about it. Not sure how long Who has been back in Houston, but they are in the middle of premiering the 2008 episodes (10th Doctor and Donna, aka Series 30 by current production team terminology, aka Series 4 when the episodes were being made).