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Last updated 04 March 2017
The Age of Steel
Broadcast: Saturday 27th March 2010
11:00pm-11:45pm CDT (04:00 GMT) «
Featuring: David Tennant, Noel Clarke, Billie Piper, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri, Shaun Dingwall, Helen Griffin, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Roger Lloyd Pack

The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the populace. It looks like even the Doctor is beaten...

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Saturday 27th March 2010:
WTVP 47.1 Peoria, IL
Series 2006 - 3rd Cycle:
Saturday 11PM CDT 2006-06 The Age of Steel pt 2 of 2
WTVP's rights to Series 2006 end March 31, 2010, and Sherlock Holmes replaces Doctor Who on the schedule after this episode, so this cycle will probably not be completed.
WTVP has has the right to air Series 2007 twice before December 31, 2010.