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Last updated 27 February 2017
The End Of The World
Broadcast: Friday 13th April 2007
3:00am-3:45am EDT (07:00 GMT) « »
Featuring: Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Yasmin Bannerman, Simon Day, Zoë Wanamaker
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

Report from the This Week in Doctor Who Archive:

Wednesday 11th April 2007:
WLIW Long Island, NY
analog 21 digital .1
New York City DirecTV 21,887
New York City Dish 21,8112
Wednesday 10PM, Late Thursday 3AM, Late Friday Midnight EDT 1-02 The End Of The World Premiere
Wednesday 10:45PM, Late Thursday 3:45AM, Late Friday 12:45AM EDT DWC 1-02 Aliens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Premiere

18 April 10PM, Late 19 April 3AM, Late 20 April Midnight EDT 1-03 The Unquiet Dead
18 April 10:45PM, Late 19 April 3:45AM, Late 20 April 12:45AM EDT DWC 1-03 TARDIS Tales
25 April 10PM, Late 26 April 3AM, Late 27 April Midnight EDT 1-04 Aliens of London pt 1 of 2
25 April 10:45PM, Late 26 April 3:45AM, Late 27 April 12:45AM EDT DWC 1-04 I Get A Side-Kick Out Of You
2 May 10PM, Late 3 May 3AM, Late 4 May Midnight EDT 1-05 World War Three pt 2 of 2
2 May 10:45PM, Late 3 May 3:45AM, Late 4 May 12:45AM EDT DWC 1-05 Why on Earth?
9 May 10PM, Late 10 May 3AM, Late 11 May Midnight EDT 1-06 Dalek
9 May 10:45PM, Late 10 May 3:45AM, Late 11 May 12:45AM EDT DWC 1-06 The Daleks
16 May 10PM, Late 18 May Midnight EDT 1-07 The Long Game
16 May 10:45PM, Late 18 May 12:45AM EDT DWC 1-07
23 May 10PM, Late 25 May Midnight EDT 1-08 Father's Day
23 May 10:45PM, Late 25 May 12:45AM EDT DWC 1-08 Time Trouble