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Last updated 04 February 2017
The Face of Evil: Part Two
Broadcast: Saturday 12th May 2007
10:55pm-11:20pm EDT (02:55 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Brendan Price

With the Sevateem against him, the Doctor attempts to win their trust by facing the trial of the Horta. The tribe prepare to launch an attack to free their god, Xoanon.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

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Saturday 12th May 2007:
WCET Cincinnati, OH
analog 48 digital .1
Cincinnati DirecTV 48,909
Cincinnati Dish 48,8356
Saturday 10:30PM EDT The Face of Evil pts 1+2 of 4
Classic Season 14, Episodes 13 through 14. Doctor: Tom Baker.
Thursday 10PM EDT 1-09 The Empty Child pt 1 of 2
19 May 10:30PM EDT Classic 14.04 The Face of Evil pts 3+4
19 May 10PM EDT 1-10 The Doctor Dances pt 2 of 2