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Last updated 12 January 2017
The King's Demons: Movie Format
Broadcast: Sunday 14th August 1988
11:00pm-11:47pm CDT (04:00 GMT) < > « »
WTTW 11 Chicago
Featuring: Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Anthony Ainley, Anthony Ainley, Gerald Flood, Christopher Villiers, Frank Windsor

The TARDIS appears at a medieval joust between Frenchman Sir Gilles and Hugh Fitzwilliam. But King John seems more curious than alarmed, as is Sir Gilles...

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide

Broadcast notes:

Intro: Tonight, the TARDIS materializes in a jousting match in medieval England. The guest of honor, King John, seems not at all perturbed. One would not have to be a skeptic to suspect such behavior, and "The King's Demons" are no exception.

Outro: Next week, the original inhabitants of the Earth, the Silurians and the Sea Devils, devise an insidious plot to regain possession of the planet. Be with us next Sunday night at 11 when The Doctor and his companions confront the "Warriors of the Deep." [source: ChicagoEpguides]

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