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Last updated 01 February 2017
Paradise Towers: Part Four
Broadcast: Saturday 15th November 2003
11:25pm-11:50pm EST (04:25 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford, Julie Brennon, Richard Briers, Howard Cooke, Judy Cornwell

Kroagnon has been reborn and is using the Chief Caretaker's reanimated corpse to move around Paradise Towers. To stop him the Doctor must teach the residents teamwork.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

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Wednesday 12th November 2003:
WCET Cincinnati, OH
analog 48
digital 48-2 (34-2)
Cincinnati DirecTV 48,909
Cincinnati Dish 48,8356
Sat 11PM EST Paradise Towers pts 3+4 of 4
The 7th Doctor and Mel must get the factions living in the Towers to stop fighting long enough to keep the enemy from the basement from killing them all.