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Last updated 01 February 2017
The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part Seven
Broadcast: Saturday 6th September 2003
11:00pm-11:25pm EDT (03:00 GMT) < > « »
Featuring: Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Lynda Bellingham, Brian Blessed, Michael Jayston, Christopher Ryan, Patrick Ryecart, Nabil Shaban

Kiv's brain rejects his new body and Crozier is forced to rethink his plan. From the trial room, the Doctor can only watch as Peri and Yrcanos appear to be killed.

Synopsis Source: Doctor Who Guide
Broadcast Source: TWiDW

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Wednesday 3rd September 2003:
WCET Cincinnati, OH
analog 48
digital 48-2 (34-2)
Cincinnati DirecTV Local 48,909
Cincinnati Dish Local 48,8356
Sat 11PM EDT The Trial Of A Time Lord pts 7+8 of 14 (Mindwarp pts 3+4)
Possibly the most shocking episodes of the series on their first UK broadcast. The 6th Doctor watches with horror as the Valeyard presents a tale of the Doctor's lunatic behavior on the planet Thoros-Beta, which may have endangered the universe, and certainly endangered those he cared about. Is the evidence for real? And how did the matter get resolved? Next episodes air September 20.