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This Week in Doctor Who

Week 38: 19-25 Sep 1987 - USA

Data last updated 12 January 2017

Saturday 19 September

Sunday 20 September

Show broadcasts for WTTW 11 Chicago
11:00pm CDT
The Seeds of Doom: Part One of Two

Intro: Deep in the permafrost of the Antarctic, scientists discover a huge vegetable pod. When The Doctor is consulted in London, he flies out at once. He has met the Krynoid before as we will this night in "The Seeds of Doom."

Outro: Will the pod reach its full, horrific potential? Will you ever eat frozen vegetables again? Do you eat them now? Only one of those questions will be answered next Sunday evening at 11 in the electrifying conclusion of "The Seeds of Doom." [source: ChicagoEpguides]

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