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Last updated 07 July 2018

Listing entries including Tuesday 26th December 2017

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Thin Ice Sun 30 Apr 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
Knock Knock Sun 7 May 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
Oxygen Sun 14 May 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
Extremis Sun 21 May 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
The Pyramid At The End Of The World Sun 28 May 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
The Lie Of The Land Sun 4 Jun 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
Empress Of Mars Sun 11 Jun 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
The Eaters of Light Sun 18 Jun 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
World Enough And Time Sun 25 Jun 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
The Doctor Falls Sun 2 Jul 2017 7:30pm  NZST    Premiere
For Tonight We Might Die (Class) Fri 21 Jul 2017 1:40pm  NZST    
The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo (Class) Mon 24 Jul 2017 1:35pm  NZST    
Nightvisiting (Class) Tue 25 Jul 2017 1:35pm  NZST    
Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Class) Wed 26 Jul 2017 1:35pm  NZST    
Brave-ish Heart (Class) Thu 27 Jul 2017 1:35pm  NZST    
Detained (Class) Fri 28 Jul 2017 1:35pm  NZST    
The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did (Class) Mon 31 Jul 2017 1:35pm  NZST    
The Lost (Class) Tue 1 Aug 2017 1:35pm  NZST    
The Antiques Roadshow: Powis Castle (Related) Fri 15 Sep 2017 4:00pm  NZST    
The Antiques Roadshow: Gloucester Cathedral (Related) Wed 4 Oct 2017 4:00pm  NZDT    
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (8 Nov 13) (Related) Sat 9 Dec 2017 4:00pm  NZDT    
Top Gear: 12 Jun 2005 (Christopher Eccleston) (Related) Sun 24 Dec 2017 12:55pm  NZDT    
The Return Of Doctor Mysterio Mon 25 Dec 2017 9:00am  NZDT    
The Pilot Mon 25 Dec 2017 10:00am  NZDT    
Smile Mon 25 Dec 2017 10:55am  NZDT    
Thin Ice Mon 25 Dec 2017 11:45am  NZDT    
Knock Knock Mon 25 Dec 2017 12:35pm  NZDT    
Oxygen Mon 25 Dec 2017 1:25pm  NZDT    
Extremis Mon 25 Dec 2017 2:15pm  NZDT    
The Pyramid At The End Of The World Mon 25 Dec 2017 3:10pm  NZDT    
The Lie Of The Land Tue 26 Dec 2017 11:00am  NZDT    
Empress Of Mars Tue 26 Dec 2017 12:00pm  NZDT    
The Eaters of Light Tue 26 Dec 2017 1:00pm  NZDT    
World Enough And Time Tue 26 Dec 2017 2:00pm  NZDT    
The Doctor Falls Tue 26 Dec 2017 2:50pm  NZDT    
Twice Upon A Time Tue 26 Dec 2017 7:30pm  NZDT    Premiere
The Antiques Roadshow: Gloucester Cathedral (Related) Wed 14 Feb 2018 9:20am  NZDT    
The Antiques Roadshow: Powis Castle (Related) Tue 10 Jul 2018 4:00pm  NZST