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Saturday 26th December 2009

Torchwood This Week - December 26, 2009
(posted 26th Dec 2009, 1:30pm - TWIDW post #0992)
Torchwood This Week
December 26, 2009 - Volume 3, Number 48
The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
by Benjamin F. Elliott
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Torchwood Website -
BBC Entertainment South Africa
Series 2 Premiere Run (has also purchased Series 3):
3 January 6:25PM and 11:25PM, 4 January 8:25AM and 2:10PM, 9 January 4PM, 10
January 11:40AM CAT 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
3 January 7:20PM and 12:15AM, 9 January 4:55PM CAT DeClassified 2.01
10 January 6:25PM and 11:15PM, 11 January 8:25AM and 7:15PM, 16 January 4PM CAT
2-02 Sleeper
10 January 7:20PM and 12:10AM, 11 January 8:15PM, 16 January 4:55PM CAT
DeClassified 2.02
17 January 6:25PM and 11:20PM, 18 January 8:25AM and 7:20PM, 23 January 4PM CAT
2-03 To the Last Man
17 January 7:20PM and 12:20AM, 18 January 8:20PM, 23 January 4:55PM CAT
DeClassified 2.03
24 January 6:25PM and 11:20PM, 25 January 8:25AM and 7:20PM, 30 January 4PM CAT
2-04 Meat
24 January 7:20PM and 12:20AM and 3:25AM, 25 January 8:20PM, 30 January 4:55PM
CAT DeClassified 2.04
31 January 6:25PM and 11:15PM CAT 2-05 Adam
31 January 7:20PM and 12:10AM CAT DeClassified 2.05
BBC Entertainment
Series 1 Repeats. Series 2 premieres January.
Saturday 4:40PM and 2AM CET 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
Saturday 5:30PM and 2:50AM CET 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
Saturday 6:20PM and 3:40AM CET 1-09 Random Shoes
Sunday 4:05PM and 12:30AM CET 1-10 Out of Time
Sunday 4:55PM and 1:20AM CET 1-11 Combat
Sunday 5:45PM and 2:10AM CET 1-12 Captain Jack Harkness
Sunday 6:35PM and 3AM CET 1-13 End of Days
7 January 10:20PM and 2:15AM, 9 January 8:10PM and 2:10AM CET 2-01 "Kiss Kiss,
Bang Bang" (new to BBC Entertainment Scandinavia episodes)
14 January 10:20PM and 1:40AM, 16 January 8:45PM and 2:45AM CET 2-02 Sleeper
21 January 10:20PM and 1:40AM, 23 January 8:45PM and 2:45AM CET 2-03 "To The
Last Man"
28 January 10:20PM and 1:40AM, 30 January 9:05PM and 3:20AM CET 2-04 Meat
4 February 10:20PM and 1:40AM, 6 February 9PM and 2:20AM, Late 7 February 2:40AM
CET 2-05 Adam
11 February 10:20PM and 1:40AM, 13 February 8:50PM and 2:10AM, Late 14 February
2:30AM CET 2-06 "Rseet"
18 February 10:20PM and 1:40AM, 20 February 8:40PM and 3AM, Late 21 February
1:10AM CET 2-07 Dead Man Walking
25 February 10:20PM and 1:30AM, 27 February 8:50PM and 2:35AM, Late 28 February
1:10AM CET 2-08 A Day in the Death
BBC HD Scandinavia
Saturday 6:20AM and 11:15AM and 4:10PM and 9:05PM and (late) 1:55AM CET 1-05
Small Worlds
Saturday 7:10AM and Noon and 4:55PM and 9:50PM and (late) 2:45AM CET 1-06
Saturday 7:55AM and 12:50PM and 5:45PM and 10:40PM and (late) 3:30AM CET 1-01
Everything Changes
Saturday 8:45AM and 1:40PM and 6:35PM and 11:30PM and (late) 4:20AM CET 1-02
"Day One"
Saturday 9:35AM and 2:30PM and 7:25PM and (late) 12:15AM, 27 December 5:10AM CET
1-03 Ghost Machine
Saturday 10:25AM and 3:20PM and 8:15PM and (late) 1:05AM CET 1-04 Cyberwoman
Sunday 6:15AM and Noon and 5:40PM and 11:25PM CET 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
Sunday 7:05AM and 12:50PM and 6:30PM and (late) 12:15AM CET 1-08 "They Keep
Killing Suzie"
Sunday 8AM and 1:40PM and 7:25PM and (late) 1:10AM CET 1-09 Random Shoes
Sunday 8:50AM and 2:30PM and 8:15PM and (late) 2AM CET 1-10 Out of Time
Sunday 9:35AM and 3:15PM and 9PM and (late) 2:40AM CET 1-11 Combat
Sunday 10:20AM and 4:05PM and 9:45PM and (late) 3:30AM CET 1-12 'Captain Jack
Sunday 11:10AM and 4:55PM and 10:35PM and (late) 4:20AM CET 1-13 End of Days
7 January 9:30PM and 1:10AM and 4:50AM, 8 January 7:25AM and 11:05AM and 2:45PM
and 6:25PM CET 2-01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (new to BBC HD Scandinavia)
14 January 9:30PM and 2AM, 15 January 8:10AM and 12:40PM and 5:10PM CET 2-02
21 January 9:30PM and 1:20AM, 22 January 5:10AM and 6:20AM and 10:10AM and 2PM
and 5:50PM CET 2-03 To the Last Man
28 January 9:30PM and 1:10AM and 4:50AM, 29 January 6:40AM and 10:25AM and
2:10PM and 5:55PM CET 2-04 Meat
4 February 9:30PM and 12:30AM and 3:30AM, 5 February 6:40AM and 9:40AM and
12:40PM and 3:40PM and 6:40PM CET 2-05 Adam
11 February 9:30PM and 1:30AM, 12 February 5AM and 6:40AM and 10:40AM and 2:40PM
and 6:40PM CET 2-06 Reset
18 February 9:30PM and 1:25AM and 4:50AM, 19 February 8:10AM and 12:05PM and 4PM
CET 2-07 Dead Man Walking
25 February 9:30PM and 1:35AM, 26 February 5:10AM and 9:20AM and 1:20PM and
5:20PM CET 2-08 A Day in the Death
Sci-Fi France
Series 1 and 2 repeats.
Late Saturday 1:10AM, Monday 8:40AM CET 2-09 Something Borrowed
Late Saturday 2AM, Monday 9:25AM CET 2-10 From Out of the Rain
Late Saturday 2:50AM, Monday 10:15AM CET 2-11 Adrift
Tuesday 1:25PM? CET 2-04 Meat
Tuesday 2:15PM? CET 2-05 Adam
Tuesday 8:45PM?, Thursday 10:15PM?, Saturday 2 January 10:35AM? and (late)
1:10AM?, 4 January 8:40AM? CET 2-12 Fragments
Tuesday 9:40PM?, Thursday 11PM?, Saturday 2 January 11:25AM? and (late) 2AM?, 4
January 9:25AM? CET 2-13 Exit Wounds
Tuesday 10:35PM?, Thursday 11:45PM?, Saturday 2 January 12:15PM? and (late)
2:50AM?, 4 January 10:15AM? CET episode unknown
One hour later on Watch +1.
9 January 9PM, 15 January 11PM GMT 1-06 Countrycide
10 January 11:35PM, 11 January 8PM GMT 1-01 Everything Changes
11 January 11PM GMT 1-02 "Day One"
12 January 8PM and 11PM GMT 1-03 Ghost Machine
13 January 8PM and 11:30PM GMT 1-04 Cyberwoman
14 January 11PM, 15 January 8PM GMT 1-05 Small Worlds
16 January 9PM, 18 January 8PM and 11PM GMT 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
19 January 8PM and 11PM, 23 January 9PM and 12:20AM GMT 1-08 "They Keep Killing
20 January 8PM and 11PM GMT 1-09 Random Shoes
21 January 11PM, 22 January 8PM and 11PM GMT 1-10 Out of Time
25 - 28 January, 1 - 4 February Torchwood 8PM and 11PM GMT
30 January 9PM and Midnight GMT episode unknown
15 February 9PM GMT 3-01 "Children Of Earth: Day One" (new to Watch)
16 February 9PM GMT 3-02 "Children Of Earth: Day Two" (new to Watch)
17 February 9PM GMT 3-03 "Children Of Earth: Day Three" (new to Watch)
18 February 9PM GMT 3-04 "Children Of Earth: Day Four" (new to Watch)
19 February 9PM GMT 3-05 "Children Of Earth: Day Five" (new to Watch)
Repeat run.
Sunday 11:30PM GMT 3-01 "Children Of Earth: Day One"
Monday 11:30PM GMT 3-02 "Children Of Earth: Day Two"
Tuesday 11:30PM GMT 3-03 "Children Of Earth: Day Three"
Wednesday 11:50PM GMT 3-04 "Children Of Earth: Day Four"
Late New Years Day 12:15AM GMT 3-05 "Children Of Earth: Day Five"
ASIA (Regional Channel):
BBC Entertainment
All times Korean - adjust for local time zone. Subtitles available in Chinese
and Korean.
Sunday 9:10PM and 4:05AM, Monday 9:50AM and 1:40PM, Late Friday 12:35AM,
Saturday 2 January 5:15AM and 10:20AM 2-02 Sleeper
3 January 9:10PM and 4:05AM, 4 January 9:55AM and 1:50PM, Late 8 January
12:40AM, 9 January 5:15AM and 10:20AM 2-03 To the Last Man
10 January 9:10PM and 4AM, 11 January 9:50AM and 1:40PM, Late 15 January
12:40AM, 16 January 5:10AM and 10:25AM 2-04 Meat
17 January 9:10PM and 4AM, 18 January 9:50AM and 1:35PM, Late 22 January
12:45AM, 23 January 5:15AM and 10:25AM 2-05 Adam
24 January 9:10PM and 4AM, 25 January 9:50AM and 1:30PM, Late 29 January
12:45AM, 30 January 5:20AM and 10:25AM 2-06 Reset
31 January 9:10PM and 4AM 2-07 Dead Man Walking
ABC2 Australia
Series 3 - now on the ABC.
New Years Day - pre-empted
8 January 8:30PM 3-01 "Children Of Earth: Day One"
15 January 8:30PM 3-02 "Children Of Earth: Day Two"
UKTV Australia
All times 2 hours later on UKTV +2. Times listed are Australian Eastern.
5 January 8:30PM and 3AM, 6 January 11:30AM 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
12 January 8:30PM and 4AM, 13 January 11:30AM 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
19 January 8:30PM and 4AM, 20 January 11:30AM 1-09 Random Shoes
26 January 8:30PM and 3AM, 27 January 11:30AM 1-10 Out of Time
16:9 letterbox. Repeat run.
New Years Day 5PM and 3:30AM EST/2PM and 12:30AM PST, Saturday 2 January 9:45AM EST/6:45AM PST 3-01 Children Of Earth: Day One (75 minute slot)
New Years Day 6:15PM and 4:45AM EST/3:15PM and 1:45AM PST, Saturday 2 January 11AM EST/8AM PST 3-02 Children Of Earth: Day Two (75 minute slot)
New Years Day 7:30PM EST/4:30PM PST, Saturday 2 January 6AM and 12:15PM EST/3AM and 9:15AM PST 3-03 Children Of Earth: Day Three (75 minute slot)
New Years Day 8:45PM EST/5:45PM PST, Saturday 2 January 7:15AM and 1:30PM EST/4:15AM and 10:30AM PST 3-04 Children Of Earth: Day Four (75 minute slot)
New Years Day 10PM EST/7PM PST, Saturday 2 January 8:30AM and 2:45PM EST/5:30AM and 11:45AM PST 3-05 Children Of Earth: Day Five (75 minute slot)
HD Net Canada
Complete, uncut episodes in High Definition (not the same schedule as HD Net US).
Monday 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-02 Day One
Tuesday 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-03 Ghost Machine
Wednesday 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-04 Cyberwoman
Thursday 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-05 Small Worlds

4 January 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-06 Countrycide
5 January 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-07 Greeks Bearing Gifts
6 January 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-08 They Keep Killing Suzie
7 January 7PM EST/4PM PST 1-09 Random Shoes
BBC Entertainment
Sunday Noon Series ? Episode 7
Tuesday 10PM and Midnight, Wednesday 6AM 1-04 Cyberwoman
3 January Noon Series ? Episode 8
Stations That Will/Have Aired Torchwood:
Israel - Yes Stars 2 - Series 1 completed.
MEXICO - Canal 22
Episodes air as 2 parters. Series 1 completed?
FRANCE - Jimmy - Series 1 completed.
NRJ 12 - All 3 Series Repeat Run Concluded
CROATIA - HRT1/HRT2 - current run finished.
SWEDEN - TV4 Plus - current run finished
TV4 Science Fiction - current run finished.
HONG KONG - ATV World -Series 1 repeats
completed. Next airdate unknown.
SPAIN - Cuatro - Repeat run completed.
ROMANIA: - TVR3 Series 1 completed.
NEW ZEALAND - TV2 - Series 1 and
2 completed.
UK - BBC One - Series 3
BBC Three - repeat run
ITALY - Jimmy - Repeat run completed.
USA - BBC America DirecTV 264 Dish 135,879
16:9 Widescreen on HD,16:9 Letterbox format SD. Repeat run pulled. Last episode
aired - Captain Jack Harkness.
BBC America On Demand - available on better digital cable systems - no episodes
on service right now.
Full length episodes (no cuts for time). Content edits made for BBC America TV
broadcasts (language, violence, nudity) will be present in this version.
Series 1 repeats concluded.
CANADA - Ztele HD on Ztele HD, Dubbed in French.
Repeat run completed.
FINLAND - TV 2 Repeat Run concluded.
RUSSIA - SciFi Russia All times Moscow. No episodes
GERMANY - RTL2 Off schedule for now. All 3 series completed.
GREECE - Skai TV Repeat Run completed
PORTUGAL - SIC Radical Repeat Run completed.
POLAND - BBC Entertainment dubbed in Polish.
Repeat Run Ended.
NETHERLANDS - SciFi Repeat Run ended.
And other countries who I haven't identified yet.
Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.
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