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Saturday 3rd January 2009

TWIDW Update: Matt Smith Is The 11th Doctor!
(posted 3rd Jan 2009, 6:13pm - TWIDW post #0798)
On tonight's Doctor Who Confidential episode, 26 year old actor Matt Smith
was revealed to be the 11th Doctor. He will take over the role of the Time
Lord for the 13 episode Series 5, which will air in 2010.
Check the Doctor Who News Page and the BBC News
report on the casting
for details on Matt Smith and his acting history. Doctor Who fans in the UK
who use iPlayer can rewatch the casting event for at least a week - look for
Doctor Who Confidential - The Eleventh Doctor.
Congratulations to Matt Smith - we look forward to your time as the Time
Lord. And there are still 4 more David Tennant specials to come (5 for all
of us outside the UK where The Next Doctor has not aired yet).
Benjamin Elliott
This Week In Doctor Who