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Sunday 4th March 2007

CBC Canada - Doctor Who Series 3 Summer, Torchwood Series 1 Fall 2007
(posted 4th Mar 2007, 12:33pm - TWIDW post #0498)
The Doctor Who Information Network is reporting that the
CBC will air Doctor Who Series 3 (including The Runaway Bride) in
Summer (June) 2007, after the Hockey playoffs conclude. Torchwood
Series 1 will air beginning in Fall 2007, after the conclusion of
Doctor Who Series 3. Start dates and official time slots were not given.
DWIN has had a good relationship with the CBC, including helping with
web content for the Series 1 website.
The US SciFi Channel told viewers on their website in December that Series 3 would air in Summer 2007. Hopefully if these 2 networks are shortening the lag from the UK broadcast, others are as well, and Doctor Who fans worldwide can start to see the series closer to the same time.
Benjamin Elliott